Turn Around, It's Count Vanderhoff


Count Vanderhoff is working his way up and proves that he is no rookie to the game. In 2016, his debut EP release of Float showcased some of his best work. Following up in 2017 with his latest EP Turn Around, we get to hear some of his new styles thrown into the cache. With 3 originals and 2 remixes there is plenty of energy and movement to wrap your mind and feet around.

An eclectic bevy, fusing the sounds of Chicago footwork with elements of jungle and bass,  the UK native takes great care in making sure each track keeps us tuned in. Dj friendly and full of feelin’, this ep has enough flavor to go around twice over as this cleverly constructed collection of sounds has us swerving between ambient patterns and energetic dance beats. The title track lends a juke vibe to the mix and it’s sure to be a fave!

Classic, soulful and bound with intricate rhythms, Love Is Real - both the original and remix, have juke and footwork vibes mixed in with the old school. Survival is a little more somber, as it leads us on a trippy digital journey but it suits the overall theme. Noticing the minimal use of vox samples, the ep still holds a full sound across the board and D160 is throwin’ big ups to Count Vanderhoff for providing us with yet another unique musical experience.

Written/Edited by: jamfransisco

Stay... High... With LOUDTRAX

Since joining the Iberian Juke Crew, playing numerous shows and making a name for himself , playing alongside the likes of DJ Earl, Taso and Sirr Tmo of Teklife in London, and since has gained a leg up in the footwork scene. Stayhigh has now taken a step out on his own to produce LOUDTRAX, an independent release that is definitely worth your time.

From beneath the surface comes Underground and it offers a cruisy but catchy feel. A jazzy undercurrent and a steady clap compliment the piano melody, and soft cymbal hits adding some light heartedness. Following up with the fierceness of Work It. The first of many solid footwork tracks on the album. Falling into the darkness, we are left with the pounding sounds of industrial synths and percussion all scattered within a skillful set.

Losing U tones it down once again, blessing the album with a playful soul vibe. High On Mary Jane is a bold, choppy beat that leaves us with twisted minds as it rolls out with a perfectly staggered synth pattern, adding an atmospheric touch. Then the bigger sounds come out when Once Upon A Time drops on us with a multidimensional call to battle for the footworkers, it holds substance and emotion throughout the entire track leaving us with an “ode to Rashad,” kind of feel.

The quality of the overall production is evident throughout the album and when talking music we tend to overlook the all-round efforts of the artist. As a self released album, the response has proven worthy of the undertaking and with tracks such as Vice City, Alright and all aforementioned tracks we now know that Stayhigh can and will move forward with ease.

The “mechanics” of the album are solid and the variety is just what we need. The Beat, with it’s sly groovy chords and hi-hat rifts add some good energy to the collection, and it’s hit the mark for the D160 favorite in this round.  T.O.T keeps us locked into a harder and heavier drum pattern with a classic vox sample layover adding some more footwork flavor. Definitely another D160 favorite. Closing out the album, Ahead of Time lends its sharp cymbals and retro horn and vox samples to make another cruisy number and it’s perfect for the warm down.

Big ups to Stayhigh on some of his best work yet.

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 Written by iamvictorious/Edited by jamfransisco