3 auto insurance options for young people you should know about

Auto insurance for young people usually has a higher value than protection for other groups. Follow the text, discover why this happens, and discover three advantageous options!

When defining the cost of insurance, insurers consider different factors. One of them is the age of the driver.

Therefore, the market offers specific options for each group, such as car insurance for young people.

Insurance companies offer protection for vehicles with various coverages, regardless of vehicle model.

However, when drivers are young, the value of this protection tends to rise.

This happens because companies consider this group more vulnerable to accidents, as these drivers have less experience behind the wheel.

Taking out auto insurance for young people

Young people are considered to be between 18 and 25 years old.

By making insurance for these drivers more expensive, insurers aim to protect themselves from additional risks.

That is, if the driver is more likely to suffer an accident, the chances that the compensation payment will be necessary are also greater.

By raising the cost of the service, the company ensures that compensation is not a problem for its cash.

Perhaps you are thinking: “Okay, I ask my parent to take out the insurance. So I will pay less”.

If an older driver takes out insurance, he will pay lower amounts for protection.

However, this “strategy” can become a huge problem.

After an accident, such as an accident or theft, the insurer evaluates the entire occurrence.

At this stage, it compares the data provided in the contract with reality.

If your father took out insurance, but the only person who drives the vehicle is you, much younger, the company can verify the irregularity.

The result is that she can deny the payment of compensation, alleging fraud.

When such a situation occurs, the consumer has to bear the loss of the claim alone.

The insurer can still file a lawsuit against the customer.

How is car insurance quoted?

In addition to age, insurers consider factors such as car model and driver’s gender when quoting insurance.

Male individuals, for example, are more involved in accidents and have more expensive insurance.

The same happens when the vehicle remains parked on the street, when the user’s residence has high theft rates and robberies, and more.

It is worth noting that each company gives greater weight to one of these factors.

Therefore, the same insurance costs can be quite different between companies.

Therefore, before hiring your protection, it is important to conduct extensive market research.

This way, you will be sure to find the best service at the best price.

However, in most cases, it is necessary to opt for traditional insurance. Then, according to the driver’s profile, the prize is defined.

The insurance premium is nothing more than the installment paid for its hiring.

But some insurers offer specific insurance for young people, something we’ll talk about shortly.

Another auto insurance option for young people is to take out one with more basic protection, such as coverage only for theft and theft.

In this case, companies do not usually do profile analysis and manage to provide a more affordable price.

3 car insurance options for young people

Young auto insurance

It is intended for people between 18 and 24 years old and has many benefits, guaranteeing more safety and comfort for drivers.

One of these benefits is the Safe Driving Course and the Emotional Driving Course, which teach how to deal better with different traffic situations.

A relationship program also provides points according to vehicle driving speed and use during the night.

In addition, there are other benefits in Porto Seguro Auto Jovem. See below.

  • Payment in installments;
  • Driver at the time;
  • 24-hour assistance;
  • Extra car for up to 15 days or discount on the franchise ;
  • Parking discounts;
  • Help desk for computers, notebooks, and other electronic equipment.

There are two types of coverage available from the operator.

First is basic coverage, which protects against Collision, fire, burglary, theft, and flooding.

It also covers damage to third parties, Passenger Personal Accidents, and glass protection.

In addition to these, it is possible to hire additional coverage for the car. Are they:

  • Deductible Exemption in the First Claim (Deductible Insurance);
  • Coverage for accessories such as helmet, jacket, and intercom;
  • Cleaning in case of flooding.

Insurance for young Ituran

This happens because the company does not analyze the driver’s profile; therefore, it may be a more affordable alternative for hiring auto insurance for young people.

To contract Ituran insurance for young people, it is mandatory to install the vehicle tracker, and an amount is charged for the equipment.

It is possible to count on the service with prices starting at R$ 69.90 per month. Afterward, the following services and coverages are available:

  • Coverage for robbery and aggravated theft;
  • Right to use 24-hour assistance up to 5 times;
  • Possibility of contracting additional coverage: Third Party Coverage and Total Loss Coverage due to Collision;
  • Coverage throughout the national territory.

Siggo youth insurance

Ziggo is another company that offers the tracking service with the Siggo youth insurance option.

It also does not perform driver profile analysis.

In this case, it is also necessary to install tracking equipment, which can be done at the customer’s residence.

Although the price is more affordable, Siggo auto insurance coverage for young people is a little more limited, with prices starting at R$ 69.90 per month.

Here are some of the benefits that this type of service offers:

  • Coverage for cases of robbery and theft;
  • Vehicle monitoring via the web;
  • Vehicle assistance;
  • Residential assistance;
  • National coverage.

Remember that these are just 3 auto insurance options for young people that you should know about. But it would help if you always researched different options, choosing the most reliable and advantageous insurers.

What cars have cheap insurance for young people?

Regardless of whether you opt for our suggestions for car insurance for young people, it is important to understand one point: there is no way to define the car with the cheapest insurance for young people.

After all, the cost of protection depends on several factors, such as the region where the driver lives and travels, the contracted insurance company, etc.

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