5 Amazing Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The bathroom is where we go and we clean up and it is not necessary to say that it should always remain clean and tidy. But admire it: scrubbing the bath is not exactly a favorite when it comes to domestic tasks.

But bathroom cleaning can be done quickly if you follow some techniques and use the right tools.

Follow these simple but effective tips and bathrooms:

Clean your shower with vinegar

For a cheap but effective way to keep your shower chips clean and without dirt, use white vinegar. All you have to do is heat a little in the microwave, sprinkle it on the mosaics while it is hot and then use a thicket brush to remove dirt.

You can add 1 tablespoon of dishes to mask the smell if it bothers you.

Remove the mold or mold with bleach

The mold accumulates on bath surfaces over time. It is common and can get rid of quickly. To make an effective but economical cleaner that destroys the mold, mix 1/4 cup of bleach with 6 cups of warm water. Use a clean plate brush to scrub the walls and rinse well with water.

Use sodium bicarbonate to get rid of mold spots

Sometimes, even after cleaning your bathroom, some mold spots remain. Shark from these stubborn spots making a sodium bicarbonate paste. Cover the spots with the pasta and let it stay for 3-4 hours and it should disappear! Rinse with water later.

Clean your drain with sodium bicarbonate and vinegar

That’s right, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar are here to save the day again. If the drainage of your bath is emitting an unpleasant smell, eased from the smell mixing 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate and 2 cups of white vinegar.

Pour the mixture by the drain and must break the fat that has frozen. After half an hour, filling it with hot water.


Replace your exfoliant with a dryer sheet to remove soap scum

Soap residues in their bathtub or shower can be third and difficult to remove. Rest the exfoliant and look for a dryer sheet. Simply add a few drops of water and gently rub the soap scum.

You can also use a dryer sheet to recover the brightness of your taps and other chrome accessories in the bathroom!

Try these incredible tips and bathroom cleaning tricks and be glad to have done it!

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