5 Factors Women Notice in Men

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As well know first impressions matter a lot. There are many things’ women notice in men and which carefully look into. But, most of the guys lack knowledge on this matter. Despite you being in a relationship for a long time or you are trying to impress your crush, it is very important to stick to the basics.

If not, there is a huge probability of things going wrong. Your physical attractiveness makes a huge impact on how the woman will see you and judge you. And surely, they notice everything, from the clothes the man wearing to his body language and his gestures as well. Now we will look into all these main factors that women notice in men in detail.

Appearance and attractiveness

Your appearance and attractiveness play a huge role in taking the woman’s attention. Even in the very first meeting itself, women will notice how good you look and attractive you are. You should dress up keeping this in mind. Make sure you dress up according to your skin tone, body structure, and most importantly select what will suit you the best. At the same time, you should avoid being a show-off as well.

Clothing sense

You should be very careful with the clothes you select to wear. Your clothing sense is one of the important factors you should be giving more attention. Because each place will be different from each other and you should be careful to choose the clothes accordingly. Women will notice and observe carefully how you dress for a particular place and that will depict your clothing sense.


We all like to be confident where ever we go. The clothes you wear should be comfortable enough to be the same throughout the day. You should be very comfortable with whatever you are wearing which will also boost your confidence. Out of all the clothes you will wear, you should give priority to mens underwear. You should select one which will keep you comfortable for a long period of time.

Nice and tidy shoes

Even if you are dressed up for perfection and look attractive, if you don’t have or wear a good pair of shoes it will surely mess up things. As much as clothes are important, the pair of shoes you are going to wear will also play a vital role in making you look perfect. You should make sure your shoes match your dress code. It is better to select the type of shoes according to the place you are going to visit.

Hairstyle and beard

Hairstyle and your beard are another two important things to focus on. Having a nicely maintained hairstyle and a beard will depict how manly you are. You should give attention to them as much as you give attention to your clothes and shoes. It is good to make sure your hair and your beard are clean and looks nice before the meetup.

So, these are the main factors that women notice in men. Make sure you focus on these before a meetup with a woman.

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