5 Important Questions Answered For a First Time Mutual Funds Investor

Here are some simple FAQs for Mutual Fund’s first investor.

How much should I invest?

First, identify the goal. This helps determine the amount that needs to be invested to achieve each goal.

Is it necessary to invest in a stock or debt scheme?

It mainly depends on investment goals, investment periods, and risk profiles. If you are investing in a short -term goal that you need to achieve in a few years, most of these schemes are the risk proofs, so your debt scheme is ideal for you.

However, if you have long -term financial goals that need to be fulfilled about five years later, you may be able to invest in the stock muble fund skirms because it may provide better returns than other asset classes.

How much is the minimum amount required to start investing in a mutual fund?

It is important to start investing, and the beauty of a mutual fund is that you can start from a low place of 100 rupees per month. The mantra is to “start investing in the long term and stay.”

If I start with 100 rupees a month, can I keep adding as my income increases?

Yes, I can. At the Mutual Fund Skeam, you can purchase additional purchases with the same fund.

Is a systematic investment plan the only way, or can I invest in a lump?

It depends on the amount you need to invest. Temporary investment gives more time in investment, and as the power of compound interest (basically gaining interest) increases over time.

On the other hand, the SIP (the amount determined before regularly invested) provides the advantage of the rupees (RCA). This is basically a long -term balance of market volatility. Since the fixed amount is invested regularly, you can purchase more units when the price is low, and vice versa.

Important advice! /

Since this is the first time investing in a mutual fund, you need to borrow the help of a mutual fund advisor for smooth onboarding, expert opinions, and cautious scheme selection.


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