5 of the Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance is best known for producing ultra-high-quality folding knives for law enforcement, paramilitary personnel, and first responders.

Designed by premier knife gurus, such as Dmitry Sinkevich and Rick Hinderer, Zero Tolerance knives utilize super steels, unique ergonomics, rock-solid lock mechanisms, silky-smooth pivot bearings, and exhibit excellent fit and finish.

But which ones are the best?

That’s for you to decide, but you might as well start your search with some of these.

ZT 0707

Like many other Zero Tolerance knives, the ZT 0707 features a titanium frame and carbon fiber scales. However, this one has a smoother action and a few other nice features.

For one, it boasts a “TDS” or tuned detent system, which allows the blade’s detent to be tuned to your liking. This can create either a smoother or crisper action, depending on your liking.

The blade’s basic drop point is made from CPM-20CV super steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance while also delivering exceptional toughness and edge retention.

ZT 0450

The ZT 0450 is designed to be a more compact version of the 0454 that is perfect for everyday carry. It features lightweight-yet-strong carbon fiber scales and a few features that make it both durable and user-friendly.

The blade boasts CPM-S35VN, which offers even better edge retention and toughness than 20CV, with similar corrosion resistance.

This one also features titanium construction and has a KVT ball-bearing mechanism that is silky-smooth and a joy to use. Perfect for those who need a no-frills ZT folder for everyday duty.

ZT 0562

This is another design from knife great Rick Hinderer. The ZT 0562 is a dense, sturdy, slice-friendly knife with a stout blade and tough yet light titanium construction.

Beefy titanium scales and a framelock make this one tough knife. Like the 0707, it also uses strong, hard, corrosion-resistant CPM-20CV steel.

The KVT ball-bearing washers are smooth and the knife features both thumb studs and a flipper tab, making deployment a cinch.

Plus, the blade’s wide profile and long belly make for a knife that is ideal for slicing tasks.

ZT 0460

This might just be the most slice-friendly Zero Tolerance knife on this list. With a graceful, swept trailing point and plenty of belly, this knife is ideal for long, sweeping, graceful cuts as well as piercing tasks.

The blade profile is inspired by the legendary Shamshir and the handle features a recurve that is both pleasant to look at and surprisingly ergonomic.

It’s an excellent slicer, features the aforementioned CPM-S35VN super steel, and scales made of carbon fiber.

It also offers a few other nice features, such as a strong detent, a silky-smooth action (more KVT bearings here), and a stainless steel lockbar insert that prevents lock stick.

ZT 0230

You might be thinking, “A slip joint folder? I didn’t know ZT did that!” Well, they do, and the 0230 is a great one.

Perfect for folks who can’t carry locking knives, or who just love the practicality of a slip joint, the 0230 is light and tough.

It features carbon fiber scales, a CPM-20CV blade, keeping it light. Though it lacks thumb studs, deployment is still smooth and easy as a result of its ergonomics and the nail nick in the blade.

The real feature of this knife, though, is the sheepsfoot blade profile. This makes it an excellent slicer and offers unbelievable point integrity. As a result, it’s also great for carving.

Where Can You Get These (and Other) Zero Tolerance Knives?

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