5 Sites to Download Tik Tok Video on iPhone


If you have an iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device, then you know how difficult it is to find actual working tools and websites that run without any problems on your iOS devices to download TikTok videos,

Many times install an application on our device after going through the whole cumbersome process of downloading a file that also includes watching the ads, only to find out that the file does not open or is not compatible with the device.

Either it was not downloaded in good quality or we are unable to use the newly installed app because it is not compatible with the iOS system. This has happened so often that even we have forgotten to keep the count.

We tend to choose these online downloaders on the basis of their qualities, like saving TikTok video in high resolution with as many downloads as possible. We have listed some workable apps and websites that will work best on your iOS devices and you don’t need to worry about anything else, anymore.

Part 1 – 5 Wonderful Sites To Have How To Download Tik Tok Video On iPhone For Free

1 – SssTikTok

SssTikTok has gather all the right tools for iPhone users so they can easily download tiktok videos on the device that too without any ads. It doesnot open any additional pop up pages and it also charge any additional fee for downloading videos in high quality. Moreover, it downloads watermark free videos.  

2 – SaveFrom

This tool can be used to download TikTok videos from Safari browser for free. It works for the latest iOS version so you must update your phones. It also download files without watermark.

3 – SnapTik

Snaptik is a highly recommended and easy tool that download tiktok videos with no watermarks. It is compatible with all types of devices and the end results is phenomenal.

All you need is a simple link to the video that you can get by clicking on the share button and then copying the link that will be later pasted in the SnapTik website to get the results.

4 – QLoad

This site just works like all the above mentioned ones but it has a lot of ads however the end results is what matters the most. It also download videos without watermarks and has unlimited number of downloads so you can enjoy as many videos as you want.


This app is second to Snaptik and it has equally good features. It is also compatible with all the devices and it’s interesting interface brings users back to the site. For beginners, it is the best website to use and hence one of the top visited ones by TikTok users.

Part 2 – Find Out How To Download Tik Tok Video On iPhone Without Ads With SnapTik Online Downloader

SnapTik Online Downloader is the tool that serves your purpose the best. It is one of those sites that doesnot have any ads and you can have a complete immersive experience of downloading videos. It works well for any device such as; Android, Linux, Windows and iOS. It also allows users to save videos in any format such as; MP3 or MP4, from 480p to 4K HD. 

1 – Copy the link

Go to TikTok page using web or app and copy the URL of the video using the Share button that is present on the interface

2 – Login to SnapTik

Now go to the SnapTik web page, and paste the copied URL in the search bar. You can also use the search bar to look for the videos that you want to download.

3 – Choose the format and resolution

Choose the correct resolution and format that you want. Click download once you have selected the video and then select the resolution or the format that you wish and press download to complete the process.


You can access Snaptik through any browser like Firefox Chrom, or explorer without any problem. You can also convert your TikTok videos to MP3 or MP4 format without any hassle. Now downloading TikTok videos on iPhone have become very say and you can also easily share this article with anyone you like to help them save video on iPhone devices.

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