5 Things You Should Never Do When Camping Alone

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The solo camp is understandably terrifying, especially if it is the first time. You will have to take additional precautions with your environment and the people you find because there is no one to trust but yourself in the desert.

As with any outdoor trip, you have to do and not be considered for comfort, security and to achieve a pleasant general experience as a solo caravan for the first time.

Here are 5 things that you should never camp alone:

Leaving without preparation

This is the most basic but the most important thing to remember: prepare yourself. As mentioned, you just have to trust the outside. Learn to launch a tent, turn on a fire and prepare a meal for you. Pack everything you will need, food, water, dressing articles, medications, sleeping equipment, kitchen equipment, first aid kit, etc.

It is also important to bring a map, a compass, a GPS, a whistle and some chalk in case it is lost.

Going mine

Another important thing to keep in mind is to inform a family member or a friend about his trip. Provide important information such as your complete itinerary, the exact locations where you will stay and when to wait for you to return.

This may sound too much, but know that this can be what saves your life if something unexpected happens.

Overestimate your skills

Walking 20 miles on a family path back home is very different from walking 20 miles in the desert on your own, with a heavy pack on the back. Take it calmly on your first solo trip and choose activities or perform appropriate paths for your skills set.

In addition, do not try to assume too much. One or two camping nights should only be enough for the first time.

I arrive at your camp at night

This is not ideal for a lone caravan for the first time. The darkness is disorienting and it will be more difficult to find and use equipment in general. Be sure to get to your camp at least 2 hours before sunset to have enough time to find a good place to launch your store, establish and cook your dinner.


Forget your entertainment

As you will not have a company, it is ideal to stay entertaining during the low times of your trip. Bring a book to read, a newspaper to write or some letters to defend boredom.

Just camping is an incredible experience: Be sure to remember these things that you should not camp alone!

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