7 Most Common Birds That You Can Find In Singapore

If you live or work in Singapore, you may often feel the urge to learn more about the city. In this article we will talk about the most common birds you can see in this city. We will share some general facts about these birds.

1) Java Mina

This bird is also known as the white ventilated mina. For the first time in 1920, the bird was brought from other countries to be kept as pets.

When it comes to breeding and food, Mina is very adaptable. It leaves the nest before other birds to eat roadkill, fruit, leftover human food and insects.

2) Asian glossy starling

Often these birds gather in large flocks of 30 birds. You can sit on the TV antenna and watch them eat different kinds of fruits in the garden. You can find them in large flocks and nests at night. Their voices sound like a whistle.

3) Pink-necked Green Pigeon

Male pigeons are more colorful than females. Often their nests are in trees. Rarely they are found on the ground. Typically, you only fall when you need to drink water.

This pair helps each other hatch eggs and nests. Normally, the male rests in the nest all day, and the female returns in the evening. Unlike other birds, pigeons and pigeons do not have oil glands. Therefore, feathers are not waterproof.

4) Yellow vents

You can find this bird in almost every park and garden. In the garden, you can see them flying around flowering shrubs. Usually cup-shaped nests are made from plastic strips, raffia pieces, tissue paper and plant material.

They eat caterpillars, beetles, grasshoppers and ants. I like to bathe and groom after meals.


5) Wimble

These birds can be seen breeding in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions of the world. Typically, they fly to other countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Asia during the coldest months of the year.

In Singapore it can be found in September and November. Long bills for eating marine animals and crustaceans.

In 2014, Wimbrel was seen in the Sungaibulo Wetland Reserve after a long absence.

6) Pacific Golden Hound

In Singapore, you can see this beautiful bird off the coast. They eat insects, spiders, worms, marines and crabs to name a few. This bird can fly thousands of miles without getting tired. They are flying in flocks of hundreds of birds.

Arrival in Singapore at the end of August. In April, it flies to its original location.

7) Normal Redshank

A typical red shank can be identified from the red leg. However, adolescents do not have red legs. The legs are greenish-yellow. These nervous birds can often be seen flying around sandy beaches.

During the breeding season, the redshank feeds on bugs, insects and spiders. It feeds on tadpoles, small fish, crustaceans and mollusks before and after the breeding season.

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