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7 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Air Conditioner in India

The summer season has already begun, and Indian summers are prominent for their oppressive heat and humidity, which make everyone miserable. Thus, Indians are either inclined to purchase a new air conditioner. It is now an essential component of middle-class and upper-class households. Every home would have one or more air conditioners by the end of the next five years. 

Given the increased demand for air conditioning in India, a buyer should read the following information before purchasing an air conditioner in India.

1. How does an air conditioner operate?

AC is an electric-powered machine that allows you to remotely control the temperature of your room concerning the outside temperature and achieve the desired level of coolness. It works by lowering the temperature using a refrigerant. It absorbs and expels the heat from the room. This process generates wastewater that demonstrates that the AC is operational.

2. What are the various types of air conditioners?

Depending upon the location of the compressor and blower, ACs are of three significant types:

WINDOW AC: As the name implies, these ACs are more substantial and thus require a window for installation. They were the most common and widely used AC until recently when split AC took over. It allows for more planning and less flexibility in installments. Window air conditioners are typically available in capacities ranging from 0.75 to 2 tons.

SPLIT AC: As the name implies, this AC has two units: an indoor blower unit and an outdoor compressor unit. They are available in different sizes and tons, ranging from 0.75 to 3.0 tons.

PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONING: This type of air conditioning is relatively new. It is portable, like coolers. It is lighter than other air conditioners but makes more noise than window air conditioners. 

3. How do you figure out what size of air conditioner you need for your room?

It is likely to be the most troubling question when purchasing an air conditioner in India. While the right choice can give you a good night’s sleep, the wrong one will undoubtedly disrupt your sleep cycle. A 1 Ton AC will cool an area of 80-120 square feet, a 1.5 Ton AC will cool an area of 120-150 square feet, and a 2 Ton AC will cool an area of 250 square feet. It also depends on the size of the room, its orientation, and the number of people occupying it.

4. Where should I put it?

The type of AC you purchase determines the installation location ( large extent). Split AC is the best option if you want a less noisy compact AC with better aesthetics. You must also consider the space outside your room for the compressor and the duct tube.

5. Which design to buy?

AC are available in a variety of styles, but white ones are more commonly manufactured than coloured ones. Consider the colour of your house before purchasing an air conditioner in India in a complementary colour. White ones usually look great in any home. Other features of air conditioners include a remote control system, Wi-Fi connectivity, an anti-bacterial filter, a dust filter, a room heater, a dehumidifier and an auto-clean function. Inverter air conditioners are also available. Choose carefully from the market’s wide range of options.

6. What is the room’s noise tolerance level?

Noise is an issue to consider if you plan to install your air conditioner in your bedroom or study room. A window AC produces more noise than a split AC and split AC are preferred because they produce significantly less noise. Their outdoor units, which consist of the compressor and fan, must be slightly away from the bedroom or study room.

7. Which brand of air conditioner should you buy?

It is a very personal aspect of the process of purchasing an air conditioner. There are many well-known old companies, as well as new ones. It is your choice to choose a brand, but there are a few things to consider.

  • The initial installation cost.
  • The price of spare parts.
  • The accessibility of service centre
  • Maintenance costs.
  • Warranty

Hitachi is one of the trusted brands of air conditioners in India. They provide maintenance contracts and satisfactory customer service.

Picking up an air conditioner in India is not a Herculean task. However, being cautious and open to all available options and knowing what you require is critical for such a large investment. Also, keep in mind the electricity consumption of the AC you intend to purchase and turn it off when not in use. Protect your air conditioner from excessive dust and perform regular maintenance to enjoy a fully functional air conditioner.

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