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8 Best MI 43-inch Smart TVs to Buy in 2022

There are many factors to consider if you purchase the best smart TV for your home. You must first consider what you intend to do with it and where the TV will be installed. To determine the size of the TV you should get, it is important to remember that a 43-inch Smart TV is ideal for your living room. 

You may find a 32-inch Smart TV too small for you and a 55-inch Smart TV too big. In such a situation, a 43-inch Smart TV is a perfect choice. The following information will assist you in choosing the best smart TV from the world-renowned brand MI for your home. 

Listed below are some of the eight best MI 43-inch smart TVs to buy in 2022:

MI 5X 4K Android Smart TV- 43 Inch

When you buy MI 5X Android Smart TV, you are bound to end your search for the best smart TV as it comes loaded with several exciting features. The device is made from premium metal and features a bezel-less design. As a result of its 96.6% screen-to-body ratio, you can enjoy a near full-screen experience to enhance your home decor with a balanced and premium aesthetic design. Its sleek metal frame sporting diamond-cut edges will surely adorn your living space with the sense of regality it deserves. In addition to the Quad Core A55 processor, it comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage for smooth performance. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 31,999.

Mi 4X Android Smart TV- 43 Inch 

The Mi 4X Android Smart TV will allow you to make your house a hub of entertainment. This best smart TV from MI has a stunning display, modern design, and stunning picture quality. In terms of resolution, this 43-inch 4K Smart TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This device can enjoy detailed clarity, absolute color, and stunning contrast. With the new and improved PatchWall, there are plenty of options for content that the whole family can enjoy. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 27,999.

MI 5A Smart Android TV- 43 Inch 

With the MI 5A Smart TV, you can easily watch your favorite movies; catch up on the news, or binge-watch TV series. It comes with an elegant metallic frame and a bezel-less design that allows you to enjoy a widescreen viewing experience. Its Dolby Audio feature provides 24W high-fidelity sound that will enhance your overall viewing experience. Furthermore, this TV offers a wide colour gamut and full HD display, ensuring high-quality visuals with even the smallest differences. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 24,999.

Mi 4C Smart Android TV- 43 Inch 

This Mi Smart TV features a Full HD display that offers crystal clear picture quality, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. With DTS-HD audio and stereo speakers, this TV delivers high-quality HD sound ideal for binge-watching TV shows, sports, movies, and more. In addition, it comes with a built-in Chromecast feature that lets you display media and content from your phone directly on your TV. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 23,999.

Mi 4A Horizon Edition Smart Android TV- 43 Inch 

You will enjoy high-quality entertainment with this best smart TV from MI. It has a unique design that allows you to see every detail of the screen, giving you an expansive view to enjoy. In addition to its bezel-free design, its display will engross you in every scene you see. As a bonus, the DTS-HD audio ensures you get the full experience from home with high-definition sound, making it ideal for house parties or family movie nights. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 25,999.

Mi 4A Pro Smart Android TV- 43 Inch 

With this Mi smart TV, you can now enjoy the joy of watching videos and movies in good picture quality. The Full HD screen on this best smart TV is a great way to enhance your viewing experience. You can also access video streaming apps on this MI LED TV. This price starts from Rs 24,999.

MI X43 Smart TV- 43 Inch 

This MI Smart TV X43 has a screen size of 43 inches and a resolution of 4K pixels. This Smart TV was designed to allow you to enjoy an immersive experience from the comfort of your home. With its clear visuals and distinctive sound quality, you will experience being in a theatre at home. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 26,999.

Mi 4X Ultra HD Smart TV- 43 Inch 

This MI 4X Ultra HD Smart TV boasts a 4K display screen with HDR10 compatibility, which helps accentuate your watching experience by allowing you to enjoy the content in high quality. This even helps to recreate life-like visuals. The vivid colors, together with the ideal contrast levels, ensure that you have an excellent viewing experience. This MI TV 43 Inch price starts from Rs 28,999.

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