9 Ways to Grow Your Jewellery Repair Store This Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the corner. For most repair and retail stores, this means they will have a lot in terms of customers and revenue. If you also own a business such as a jewelry repair store and looking to make some extra money, this festive season can very well be your chance!

To help you execute this, and actually ace it, we’ve got some effective and proven marketing strategies lined up for you in this article. In addition, we will let you know how jewelry repair shop POS software can help you grow your store. So, below are the nine ways to drive more sales during this holiday season.

Offer Discounts

Well, this one is a no brainer! Customers love discounts and offers. And when someone has to buy gifts for their family and friends, everyone looks for the brands and stores where they can get the desired items at lower prices. When you offer jewelry repairs at a discounted rate in this season, it creates a very good window for the people looking forward to gift heirloom pieces to their family members. So, quote your customers the price no one is offering or lower than your competitors.

This is one of the most significant ways to attract people who wear jewelry and want their precious stones, gems, and jewels fixed at a reasonable price. So, by keeping the discount as low as possible, you can make clients happy.

Market Your Business

Marketing your company or franchise is crucial. One can only grow their business by letting customers know about their presence, what they offer, sell, etc. And these days, there are several strategies and techniques available you can use to advertise your repair store at an affordable cost.

You can use jewelry repair store software, and it will help you make your customer base and can send them promotional messages and emails. In addition, you can better communicate with your clients using this software, aligning your communication and messaging according to the type of tickets against their repair jobs.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are prepaid money cards that your customers can use as an alternative to cash. These are one of the popular presents shop and store owners can give to their clients. You can convince your customers to buy gift cards so that whenever their friends or family visit your shop, they don’t have to make payments.

Free Gift with Every Purchase

According to samurai promotion, free gifts attract customer loyalty and encourage them to buy something from you. And during holidays, offering a gift with every purchase is a fun deal for buyers. For instance, you can give away conch beads or any other accessories if a customer uses your service to fix their jewelry.

Offer Something Different 

You can market your repair store by offering different services and accessories that your competitors are not. For example, necklaces, bracelets, and precious stones are available in several designs and colors. So, you can order the ones unavailable at any other stores.

Focus on your Website 

Using your website, you can show customers what you are selling or which services you currently offer. And updating the site can be very beneficial in this regard. In addition, ensure that your website is easy to use so your customers can effortlessly use that.

To further enhance your business, you can use jewelry repair shop POS software and streamline all the ongoing processes, including ticketing management, customer communication, and inventory management.

Personalize Jewelry Pieces

Personalized jewelry is something that very few retailers or repair stores offer. And this can be your piece of cake during this holiday season. Ask customers about the unique designs and transform or upgrade their jewels into those latest designs.

Similarly, some families pass out their precious jewelry chains and ring from generation to generation whenever there is an engagement ceremony. So, you can transform those pieces into the latest designs by polishing or more minor modifications.

Plan and Prepare in Advance 

If you look forward to boosting your sales during the holiday season, you must plan out this at least a few weeks in advance. Of course, there are better professional strategies to work out for everything just before the season, but at least two to three months of planning is required to make something big out of your business.

Ask your website developers, business partners, and employees to think something out of the box. And if something hits you, work on it.

Customer Communication

Last but not least, focusing on customer communication is essential. Train your staff members and technicians to treat customers in the right way. Also, prepare them for the worst scenarios; how to be patient if you encounter an angry customer.

Look for your customer’s requirements and provide them with the same service. Also, to keep them updated with their repair status, use jewelry repair shop software so that the customers can collect their jewelry on time.

Final Words

The holiday season is known for shopping and exciting deals, and customers wait for it all year. And if you are an entrepreneur who runs a jewelry repair store, you can generate a lot more revenue by following the above mentioned strategies. So, follow these suggestions and expand your business like never before.

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