A Beginner’s Guide to Locum Tenens Companies

Locum tenens companies is an enterprise that was founded in 1979 to cover remote physician staffing vacancies in rural health facilities. Today, big and small hospitals employ it. Locum tenens providers stand in for absent clinicians in modern healthcare. Today, locum tenens provides various job opportunities to physicians in every health sector, allowing them to expand their careers while guaranteeing patients’ care.

This guide will help you become locum tenens through locum tenens companies.

Why Doctors Select Locum Tenens Companies?

Advantages abound for doctors, NPs, and PAs who work locum tenens rather than settle down in one place. Some of the most common advantages mentioned by providers who work locums are listed below.

Balancing Work/Life

Locum tenens clinicians decide when, where, and how frequently they work.

We interviewed a physician of ATOM PHYSICS STAFFING who liked being able to choose the number and duration of locums assignments. “As a staff physician, I wouldn’t have this flexibility,” he says. “Most occupations are 7-on/7-off, but I can manage my schedule with locums.”

Extra Income With Less Work

Competitive compensation rates, little overhead, and free malpractice insurance make locum tenens desirable, so a doctor become a remote physician. Even permanent employees boost their income with weekend or vacation jobs.

Travel and Adventure

Locum tenens contracts are accessible for every specialty in every state, so doctors use them to travel or enjoy seasonal recreation. Skiers could spend the winter on the slopes, and surfers at the beach.

Improvements in Skills

Locum Tenens

A locum remote physician generally works in diverse contexts, which boosts their CV and skills. Working with varied colleagues and treating various patient populations keeps doctors current.

One pediatrician at ATOMS PHYSICS STAFFING claims locums help her adapt to varied clinical scenarios. “You must adapt rapidly to people and their tools. It keeps you alert.”

Various Workplaces

Many remote physicians coming out of residency and fellowship, or even well-known physicians, favor locum tenens companies to test before they buy.

It’s also a good method to see how different providers and hospitals operate. Doctors can see how other hospitals and medical centers work. Everywhere is different. Locum tenens involves operating in many settings.

Who Are the Top-notch Vendors for Locum Tenens?

Temporary contracts benefit doctors and APRNs of all disciplines and stages of their careers.

New Doctors

Locum tenens is great for new doctors. Temporary jobs help individuals try out different settings and locales before committing long-term.

One hospitalist of ATOM PHYSICS STAFFING that began locums right after residency, says he makes more money than at an office. “With the money I earn working locums, I can visit relatives abroad.”

Physicians Mid-career

Locum tenens allows you to produce cash without administrative difficulties, freeing up resources and time for all the other pursuits.

Mid-career doctors often work locums to supplement their income. Locums can provide an income stream while a non-clinical profession takes off.

Senior Doctors

Semiretired doctors may desire to slow down but still not retire entirely. These doctors can employ locum tenens to operate at their leisure. Taking assignments in numerous regions can assist you to find retirement spots.

The Advantages of Using Locum Tenens for Hospitals?

Every medical facility, from urban trauma centers to rural clinics, needs doctors, NPs, and PAs to fill staffing gaps. These facilities rely on locum tenens to offer quality patient care.

Locum tenens providers offer a rapid and cost-effective response to personnel shortages caused by flu season, maternity benefits, or vacation. Locums can also help prevent physician burnout by giving your doctors a break. Hospitals will continue to hire locum tenens due to the shortage of doctors.

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