A bed frame is essential for modern or contemporary bedroom furniture designs. They offer a comfortable lying surface – and that is the practical aspect. They also make the bedroom an inviting, warm and beautiful space. The terms contemporary and modern to describe furniture design can sometimes confuse the common man. The term “modern” usually refers to a specific school of design, while the term “contemporary” refers to furniture designed after the 1980s. Both have similar simple, Balkenbett  sleek, clean and uncluttered designs.

Contemporary bedroom furniture is available in all price ranges and styles, appealing to both the super rich and the everyday worker. This is because you can have sleek modern king-size beds gracing the master bedroom of a grand villa. You can also have modern bedroom furniture like platform beds and bunk beds that a middle-class family will choose to save space. Some of the space-saving devices you can find in contemporary bedroom furniture include a pull-out bed or small drawers that fit under a platform frame, a small bookshelf that attaches to the headboard, or even handy shelves that attach under the platform frame.

Contemporary four-poster bed frames are a traditional style of bed adapted for the modern customer. Contemporary four-poster bed frames can be made from wood or metal with clean, minimalist designs. Modern metal four-poster bed frames are typically made from wrought or cast iron and can come in a variety of colors. Wrought iron is more expensive and heavier, so it’s difficult to move. Make sure you buy a soft, firm futon mattress that suits this bed frame better than a box spring mattress.

There are mainly two types of four-poster bed frames – traditional European and traditional Chinese. The former was used as a bedroom in the 16th and 17th centuries, where part of the great halls and a four-poster bed offered privacy to a sleeping couple. Traditional Chinese four-poster beds are delicate in designs with carvings of Chinese dragons and beautiful lattice work. A solid wood bed frame is popular because it is durable, comes in many styles and blends easily with the rest of the bedroom furniture.

A solid wood bed frame is made from the following types of wood:

• Oak
• Cherry • Ash • Maple • Pecan • Rosewood • Walnut • Redwood • Mahogany • Redwood • Cedar • Teak

Teak is popular because it doesn’t spoil or warp easily, even in cold weather, and is inexpensive compared to certain other types of wood. Sometimes a combination of different woods is used to give the bed frame a special look. For example, the visible part of the bed frame could be made from expensive mahogany and the base and slats from cheap poplar or plywood.

This type of combination makes solid wood bed frames look attractive yet affordable. If you cannot afford expensive veneers, you can print, paint or engrave the wood. The finishing of the solid wood bed frame must be done with wax, paint, varnish or oil. Natural finish solid wood bed frames give a classic look while the painted bed frames give a funky and modern look. If you want an Balkenbett  airy atmosphere in your bedroom, you can opt for white lacquered wooden bed frames. You can create a nice, cool vibe with similar satin or cotton bedding and some plants on the windowsill.

The leather platform bed transforms an otherwise ordinary bedroom and makes it look grand. While black and dark brown are the common colors for leather platform beds, these days you can get funky colors like red, cream, and white. The base of leather platform beds is usually made of wood. Those who want a clean and simple setup can opt for a white leather platform bed like the ‘Orion King Size White Leather Bed’. This has white leather trim with white upholstery and a white headrest that is comfortably padded.

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