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In the UK, out of the current 30 million cars on the road, over 7 million are bought and sold as used cars every year. Recent DVLA studies show that each year about a quarter of all private motorists buy a used car, while less than 1 in 10 buy a new car; and after buying a house, skup aut knurów this is usually the largest purchase we make. If you’re considering buying a used car, it’s important to take a few basic precautions before parting with your money.

Basic Mechanics

First of all, it is very important to give the car a basic mechanical check to make sure that there are no hidden defects and that the bodywork is intact. Look for rust on the rocker panels and wheel arches, seams, door bottoms, and suspension mounts. Use a magnet to check the vehicle’s body panels for putty. Also check for oil or fluid leaks, damaged hoses, and worn drive belts. Other checks include the door, window and sunroof for leaks, and the tires – including the spare wheel – for tread depth and damage such as dents or cracks in the sidewall. If you are a competent mechanic you can do these checks yourself, but many reputable automotive agencies – like RAC or AA – can also do this check for you.

Performing a search

A search of the car’s history can reveal if the car has been reported stolen, has been written off by an insurance company, or has outstanding financing awaiting payment from the previous owner. There are several companies that can conduct this exam, including HPI, Experian, and the RAC. It’s also wise to check the price of the car beforehand, just to make sure you’re not overpaying. The Internet can provide you with reviews of similar cars on the market, but you can also use Glass’ Guide to learn about vehicle ratings.

Make sure the seller has a new vehicle registration document known as a V5C. These have replaced the old V5 registration documents and you should not accept them from the seller. In addition, vehicles older than 3 years must have a valid TÜV certificate.


Also check that the condition of the car matches the stated mileage. Signs of high mileage include: shiny/worn steering wheel or gear knob, worn pedal pads, too many previous owners, and lots of stone chips on the nose of the vehicle. Also check that the instrument panel screws are not loose, scratched or rounded, as this could indicate that they were removed to change the vehicle’s mileage – a process known as “stopping”.

Another important check is the test drive with the car. Spend some time driving the car and check the electrics, lights and steering. Also check that the engine is idling smoothly and there is no smoke from the exhaust when the car is sufficiently warmed up, and that the brakes are working effectively and are not pulling to one side.

Stronger rights

Buying from a retailer can give you stronger rights than buying privately, but it also usually costs you more. When bought from a dealer, the car usually comes with an additional warranty or mechanical breakdown insurance. Some dealers also offer auto insurance as part of a deal, but it’s often a good idea to shop around to find the best insurance deal for your needs. For example, some insurance companies offer better rates for newer vehicles, while others are better suited for used vehicles, young drivers, or drivers who have been in an accident.

Five tips for buying the perfect car magnets

Finding, designing, and purchasing the perfect magnetic signs can seem like a daunting task of hit-or-miss logic, but it really isn’t that difficult if you follow a few simple steps in the design and ordering process. A car magnet is a product that, if made correctly, can be an amazingly helpful promotional tool. Use these simple tips to shop for the perfect Custom Car Magnetics:


1) Keep it simple! Many customers make the mistake of thinking that the more information they put on their car door magnet, the better. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. The best way to get your information across on a car magnet is to keep it simple. Your company name, phone number, and website, along with a service or two you offer, is more than enough information for someone driving by to read magnetic signs. As we live in the Internet age, many customers will see your name on the car magnet and later google your information, which is much easier than copying a phone number while driving.

2) Full Color Graphics – Your new best friend. When designing magnetic car signs, it’s important to remember that potential customers have an extremely limited time to read the information – around four seconds if you’re lucky. High-quality, full-color graphics now replace listing an endless amount of services on your magnet sign. Full-color magnetic signs also attract attention that one- and two-color car magnets no longer get. Example: A landscaping company does not need to record mowing, trimming, gardening, etc. on black and white vehicle magnets. It looks boring, and most customers won’t have time to read all the services listed anyway. Instead, try: A nice, full-color image of a well-kept garden, yard, or even a lawnmower that quickly tells a customer what you’re doing without listing it. If you don’t have access to high-quality images, remember that the company’s online design system offers free templates with images for any type of business you can think of. such as,,,

Great for your business

3) File size matters! The image that looked so good on your business card may not be the file type, file size or quality high enough to look the same when enlarged to fit large car magnets. Unless you have a high-resolution photo or your logo/image in vector format, your file may appear pixelated or distorted when enlarged. Save yourself time and frustration and increase the size of your file by 200% to 800%. If the image doesn’t look good, then it probably won’t look good when enlarged to be printed as a magnetic sign.


4) Measure! Measure! Measure! Sure, the standard sizes of car magnets are standard for a reason. But better safe than sorry. Before you go online and order door magnets that don’t fit, take the time to measure your car! Also, pay attention to chamfers and body side moldings. Your car door might be big enough to hold a giant custom car magnet, but having an auto shape in the center of the door means you can’t use all of the space. Extra tip: If your car door is fiberglass, you can’t use auto złom jastrzębie zdrój magnetic car plates – try vinyl decals or lettering.

5) Be aware of your options. You have unlimited options when it comes to car advertising. If personalized car magnets aren’t perfect for you, try rear window graphics, static cling, vinyl decals, or vinyl lettering. If you want something permanent then magnetic vehicle signs may not be the best choice.

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