Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

If you want to spruce up your bathroom, you can try installing a wall shelf near the shower. This will allow you to store soaps and shampoos. A corner shelf can be installed near the toilet seat. This can be used to store towels or other toiletries. You can also store towels and other toiletries in the area below the sink.

Storage areas

Bathroom renovations melbourne can provide additional storage space without increasing floor space. You can use shelves and ledges to create space for cosmetics and cleaning supplies while still keeping the space open. You can install floating shelves above the sink or use open wall space below your toilet. They should choose shelves that don’t stick out too far from the wall so that they don’t pose a safety risk. Narrow shelves are great for cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and decorative items.

Another way to create storage space in your bath is to utilize empty space in the tub. Molded tubs have a hollow area between the inner and outer walls that you can use for a small cabinet. Alcoves can be installed in the walls of a stall style shower.

To make it easier to store toilet roll, hand towels and other bath products, you can add shelving above the toilet. To make the space more organized, you can either install clear or wooden shelves.

Naturalistic hardware

Naturalistic hardware is a great option for updating your bathroom fixtures or giving your bathroom a new look. These finishes reflect natural light and make your bathroom feel more airy. Naturalistic hardware also complements wooden surfaces. Pure white bathrooms can be enhanced with golden drawer handles. Bathrooms that are elegant and classy can also opt for silver hardware.

Many bathrooms feature 15-amp wiring and are fed by thin wires with low power capacity. These wires can be damaged by humidity and hair-drying activities in the bathroom. Modern bathrooms should have a 20-amp circuit. If your bathroom features a tub, you can choose an ergonomic lever faucet, which is the most convenient.

While modern bathrooms tend to incorporate stainless steel hardware, traditional bathrooms may also be graced with brass or bronze hardware. Brass and bronze hardware add a more traditional look. For a modern, sleek look, stainless steel hardware is also an option. Quality hardware is also affordable.

Mirror frames

When you start to renovate your bathroom, you should be careful to carefully measure and cut the frame to fit your mirror. The top and bottom pieces of the frame should be 24 inches wide while the side pieces should be 36 inches. Also, measure and cut diagonally the baseboard pieces so that they are square. You will need a miter saw to cut the baseboard pieces. Make sure you get 90 degrees on both sides.

Mirror frames are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. You can choose between a traditional or contemporary frame depending on the style and colors of your bathroom. To complement your bathroom’s decor, you can also choose an ornate or custom design.

When renovating your bathroom, it’s a good idea to choose a mirror with a frame that will complement your wall color and lighting scheme. A frame should complement your accessories and accents. A polished chrome frame will complement the modern style of your bathroom. It will also reflect light off the walls, giving it a larger look. A mirror with a richly stained wooden frame and wicker trim is another option if you prefer a warm-toned design.

Built-in storage

Built-in storage is a great way to save space in your bathroom. There are many ways to maximize storage space and enhance the beauty of your bathroom, whether you install a recessed unit near your entryway or a wall shelf above the tub.

Decorative ladders can be used to add vertical storage to a bathroom. For example, you could install a ladder next to a clawfoot tub and use it to store towels and bathrobes. This can help you save valuable cabinet space. You can also place a stool next to the ladder for a restful soak. In this bathroom renovation, designer Emily Bowser eliminated the traditional medicine cabinet and opted for recessed open shelving. This design allows for stylish items to be displayed.

Another popular choice for bathrooms is a storage cabinet tower. This unit can be placed between two bathrooms or divided into two sink areas. It also has interior shelves and a lift-up door, which makes it easy for accessing stored items. You can also install twin washstands that incorporate a lower glass shelf for towels. To maximize storage space, you can also add interior drawers and roll-out shelves.

Walk-in showers

A walk-in shower is a great option for bathroom renovations. Unlike separate shower rooms, which can get very steamy, walk-in showers have no walls or doors to block off the room. You can also install benches or chairs that can be folded up for easy access. A walk-in shower is also a great option. Just make sure to choose a shower enclosure that is spacious enough to prevent water splashing and maintain privacy while showering.

A walk-in shower can be luxurious and spacious, with the added bonus of being low maintenance. Depending on your needs, you can choose a luxurious shower with features like a limestone bench, white and black mosaic tiles, a wall niche for storage, and a large window to let in natural light. The shape of a walk-in shower can also define the design of the bathroom. For example, a round walk-in shower will be more glamorous than a square one, but it may not be the right fit in a small bathroom.

While walk-in showers may not be the right choice for everyone, they’re a great way to modernize your main bathroom. They can be used to replace a bathtub or improve the functionality and space of the room. Some people find walk-in showers more convenient, but if you have kids or pets, walk-in showers may not be for you.

Textured tiles

Textured tiles can add a unique and personal touch to your bathroom renovation. In Peloza’s recent bathroom renovation in Kew, she used wood-look tiles from floor to ceiling, creating a spa-like retreat feeling. Warm colors like clay and ochre are used to complement the wood-look tile. This creates a warm, earthy feeling.

Textured tiles can be used to add depth and movement to your bathroom’s walls. This effect can be achieved with either laser- or machine-cut tiles. Laser-cut tiles create a sleek and modern look, while handmade tiles have a more natural look. You can also use textured tiles to create patterns on walls.

If you’re considering adding textured tiles to your bathroom renovation, make sure to choose the right kind. Matte tiles are great for wet areas. They are slip-resistant and can hide dust and water spots. You can also mix and match with gloss wall tiles to achieve a unique look.

Wooden mirror frames

Installing a wooden frame for your bathroom mirror can transform its look. This inexpensive way to update a room’s look is a great option. To make the cuts, you’ll need a mitersaw. However, a handsaw works well as well. After cutting the wood, you’ll want to fit the pieces together by measuring their length from the corner to corner. Then, you’ll need to cut at a 45 degree angle on each side of the frame to create a perfect fit.

You’ll need two pieces of 1×4 wood for a 20-inch x 30″ mirror. The mirror’s first piece will be approximately 1″ long. The second piece measures 22 inches in length and will fit between the top- and bottom frames. It is important that all three pieces are equal in size.

A captain’s mirror is a classic-looking mirror that has a circular frame and exposed rope or leather straps. These mirrors are a fun way to update the look of your bathroom, and you can choose a nautical-themed one to create a focal point. This mirror’s distressed wood frame will give the room a rustic feel and tie together different interior design styles. You can match the frame with low-maintenance plants and other decor.

Add a whirlpool bathtub

Adding a whirlpool bathtub to your bathroom renovation can give your bathroom an instant facelift. These tubs combine water and electricity for an enticing experience that will make any bathroom feel like a luxury spa. You can find them in various shapes and styles, as well as different features, including lights and jets.

Before installing your new tub, you must ensure that the walls are strong enough to support it. You can do this by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on the tub’s size and type, it should fit snugly against at least two walls. In addition, you will need to install a GFCI electrical receptacle.

A hot tub soak can also help you get a better night’s sleep. Poor sleep habits can lead to many health problems. Stress can affect our sleep. Warm water can be used as a sedative to help our bodies relax and get better sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, a whirlpool tub might be just the ticket.

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