Best Hard Shell Suitcase Set – Skyline Dark Grey

If you’re looking for a lightweight Best Hard Shell Suitcase set that will last you throughout all of your travels, look no further than this one from Skyline. It’s lightweight and features easy-gliding spinner wheels, as well as a telescoping handle.

This Best Hard Shell Suitcase set comes in two sizes, each designed to meet airline requirements (the weekender is a carry-on size, while the other is check-in luggage). It’s a great option for travelers who like to maximize packing space while adhering to weight restrictions.


One of the most challenging aspects of traveling is trying to balance out your luggage load while staying within the weight restrictions of your airline. Fortunately, this set of three has you covered from check-in to departure gate with its durable ABS hard-shell and easy glide spinner wheels.

In our experience, Best Hard Shell Suitcase is a good buy if you’re looking for a long-lasting piece of luggage that will last through the test of time and travel. Besides, they’re almost always on sale for Black Friday and holiday sales. The best ones are made of high-quality materials like molded polycarbonate and rubberized foam and have well thought out designs and features to keep your gear safe. Some even offer a built-in laundry bag and USB port to help you charge your gadgets on the go. For more on the latest and greatest in luggage, check out our roundup of the best suitcases for travel.


If you travel a lot, you need luggage that will hold up to the rigors of air travel. That means a durable suitcase made of tough materials. For a truly durable hard shell, you’ll want to look for bags made of polycarbonate (like this Travelpro set), which is lightweight yet very strong and designed to flex on impact to prevent splitting and cracking.

You’ll also want to find a bag with a fabric outer that repels water and stains. Some are treated with an anti-microbial coating, so you don’t have to worry about spills soaking through.

Typically, these Best Hard Shell Suitcase bags come with four 360deg-rotating wheels, so they roll well in a variety of ways. They work best when rolled next to you upright, but they’re also useful for pulling behind you as you navigate twists and turns.

Easy to spot

If you’re looking for a Best Hard Shell Suitcase set that is stylish, easy to spot, and durable, look no further than this three-piece set from Skyline. It’s available in a range of colorways and features adjustable and side handles. The set includes a check-in and carry-on size along with a tote bag that works as both a travel bag and a weekender. The suitcases have been deemed compliant with airline regulations and are designed to last for years to come. District160

You might be more comfortable packing your items in a soft side luggage, but if you’re traveling to a destination where the weather can affect your bags, Best Hard Shell Suitcase is the way to go. They’re usually a bit heavier than soft side options, but they’ll hold up for longer and are easier to protect your belongings from nicks and scratches.

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