Best Online Game Streaming Platforms

Game streaming has evolved beyond the technological side of the industry. It has become a way to connect with fans and build a community around the game. Some game streaming platforms offer customizable chat options to let you interact with the audience. Most platforms also have a distinctly social feel to them. This is one of the key benefits of game streaming.


If you’re in the mood for a fun game that lets you win cash prizes, you should definitely try out WPC2027. You can watch a game live from any location with the help of a mobile app, which you can download for free. The live game streaming website also allows you to register for notifications, which will notify you when a new game is about to start.

To start playing WPC2027, you need to register. The website asks you to confirm your age, profession, and date of birth. If you don’t meet these requirements, you can try again later. While registering, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. This will help you decide how much information you want to share.


The Afreeca online game streaming platform has a simple interface and is well-organized. The video streaming screen on the left is accompanied by a chat window moderated by BJ. Users can post messages and donate. The menus are also easy to navigate, and the content library has thousands of material.

Afreeca has a reputation for being a good platform for both beginners and professional streamers. The platform has everything a streamer needs to broadcast live. Viewers can browse through and search for videos of their favorite broadcasters. Users can also save their favorite videos in an archive list.

AfreecaTV is one of the leading game streaming platforms. More than 25 million users use the service to live-stream their favorite games. The streaming service also features chat rooms, video sharing, and more. Afreeca also features content from popular mobile games. It is home to a professional League of Legends team, and re-streams a variety of other esports.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming isn’t exactly a new platform. It simply brings up buried videos and streams that are related to video games. It’s easy to make mistakes and mistake the video stream for a Twitch channel. Here are some tips to help you create a successful channel: First, choose a niche. The video genre should reflect your strengths as a gamer.

Creating unique content is essential to be successful in YouTube Gaming. The platform features landing pages of over 25,000 video games and live streams. You can search and save your favorite games or browse channels of indie YouTube creators and game publishers. All of the search results will be relevant to gaming, and YouTube Gaming will suggest related videos to watch.


Azubu is a game streaming platform that aims to bring eSports to smaller regions and empower streamers. Unlike Twitch and YouTube, where streamers are limited to static pages, Azubu lets them add modules to customize their streams, like adding their Twitter feed and funny GIFs. In the near future, the platform will also let streamers conduct microtransactions and sell merchandise to their viewers. It currently targets North American gamers, but it plans to expand to European audiences as well.

As of today, Azubu is currently in beta testing its new version 3.0, which will replace the 2.0 version. The new version will have more features and support for 4K resolutions. The company has also opened a content production studio in Vienna and plans to integrate esports into its platform.

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