Best way to design perfect custom kraft boxes

With the explosion of people documenting “unboxing” experiences across social media in recent years, the role of custom packaging has grown more significant. Businesses are moving towards custom kraft boxes as their effective marketing strategies.

Various studies show that consumers are mesmerized by the product’s aesthetics. Therefore, creating valuable, attractive, and mesmerizing packaging is essential by choosing kraft boxes. These boxes are an excellent tool for grabbing the attention of the customer. Companies are investing in these boxes for their luxurious products and taking their business to the next level.

But do you know how to have perfectly designed wholesale Kraft boxes? Don’t worry. Sharing some amazing design suggestions that can make your custom boxes look great.

Customize it with different shapes and styles

More than 60% of people fall for unique and distinctive packaging. Customizing your boxes with different shapes and styles can make your boxes extraordinary. You can make your boxes of different styles and designs by choosing different customization options.

Along with printing, you cannot ignore the structural creativity of your custom kraft boxes. Various trendy styles can give your custom boxes a touch of elegance to the whole packaging. Some of the customized shapes you can give to your boxes include

  • Round shape
  • Pillow shape
  • Gable boxes
  • Die cut boxes

Make sure to look at the type of product you are selling. You can’t pack a large-size product in a small-size box. Keep your packaging as inventive and appealing as possible while directly fulfilling the critical features.

Make your product visible using impeccable printing

Custom kraft boxes and classy printing are a wonderful way to market your brand. Printing your creative and precise messages on boxes can attract customers to your brand. You can choose different printing techniques like digital, offset, and many more to print your logo and branding essentials.

Remember to keep your statement as short as you can. The long description is usually boring and does not fit customers. Most importantly, try to use bold and prominent fonts. Printing catchy taglines can boost your sales.

Use sturdy materials to make your boxes durable.

Your main concern with packaging is to protect your product from damage. Using sturdy materials like cardboard and kraft can make your packaging alluring and save them from dust and moisture.

But also remember the flexibility of the wholesale Kraft boxes depending on the material. Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing the best quality material. Moreover, go for a material that can promote sustainable packaging. Going green will make your brand stand out.

Go for impeccable window packaging.

In this digital marketing era, exceptional product visibility is essential for every business. You need to design wholesale kraft boxes that can exquisitely showcase your brand. You can make your product visible by adding different styles of windows.

Moreover, die-cuts windows can let onlookers see your box content. This will make your packaging more appealing and make you stand out from competitors.

Concentrate on color schemes

Choosing the right colors for your custom boxes can make your retail shelves look attractive and mesmerizing. Before selecting the color, consider a few factors. Always go for one color scheme, as it makes your product simple and makes your boxes attention-grabbing.

Using excessive colors can lose your brand reputation. And can eventually destroy your product. You can use PMS and CMYK techniques for the best color scheme. Moreover, research well before starting and understand how colors affect human psychology.

Make them outstanding with finishing.

Finishing techniques provide great value to your product. An attractive finish can make a good impression on customers and give your packaging a long-lasting shelf life. Some amazing finishing options include

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Coating
  • Foiling

If you want to make your packaging simple, you can go for matte finishing. For a dazzling appearance, gloss is perfect. Other methods like Embossing, PVC, and smudge-free ink can make your boxes look more opulent.

Final Verdict

While choosing the right kraft boxes is a significant investment, making your packaging design appealing is as important. These boxes are easy to customize and a better way to improve the brand image. Making perfectly designed boxes using the suggestions mentioned above can boost the aesthetic appeal and make your brand recognizable in the market.

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