M.Traz Brings Ear Satisfaction Through Evening Action EP

M.Traz introduces his intuitive sense of rhythmic Chicago house with a slander of trap/jersey music intertwined with a funkadelic blend of soul samples and coated with a layer of footwork. Dropping the Evening Action EP exclusively through Coldpakk, a budding label based out of Finland, that has now spread it's wings across the waters, hittin’ ears all over. 

An energetic start and setting the tone throughout the EP, the first track Evening Action is a fast paced and soul-filled track with a funky disco vibe. It could be paired with it’s remix by TEKLIFE producer - KiiD, who takes a different approach but staying within the 160 realm, this track moves further down the footwork road and is sure to get all the booties bouncin’ this weekend.

Roll the Kush Up however, is putting out more of the gangster, “get to the circle” kind of feel to it. Flippin’ those rap vocals over top and laying down a solid ghetto beat; this one is breaking away from the overall theme of the EP but holds it’s own from start to finish. To make it even more interesting, JBW’s Kush Jones takes the track and gives it a dank club flip. An asset to any release, his style is distinct, bringing new meaning to the “in-your-face” sound.

The last track on the EP will have you thinking along the lines of a Tokyo subway ride. Playful synths and harmonic melodies will have you dancing in your seat. Once the drums kick in, you will hear the experimental side to the M.Traz repertoire and while Yamanote takes us on another turn, the structure of this track could be related to a video-game style with an obvious footwork influence.

The Evening Action EP - released September 26th, is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Also, head over to the Coldpakk page and show your support for this up and coming label.

Written by: Thrash & JamFransisco/Edited by: JamFransisco