To Go Further With A.Fruit...

Music lovers worldwide cherish the thought of connecting with their favorite artists and we at are no different. Today our topic is one of the most sought after female producers in the 160BPM world. All the way from Russia, we present to you Anna Fruit, who kindly let us in for a few moments to get to know the who, what and when in her life of music production.

D160: What first got you into audio production, as well as music itself?

Anna: I was interested in music in my early childhood. I think it’s even something genetic, because my grandmother was a music teacher and almost everyone in my family has a classical music education. My mother played synthesizer in a band at school. I gave up music school (piano) when I was 8 because I hated the sol-fa lessons, but later I learned to play the guitar and started to write my own songs at the age of 12 but once my good friend showed me Ableton Live I fell in love with this program and started producing electronic music. It happened around 9 years ago and still nothing has fascinated me as much.


D160: When and how did you get into video game audio production?

Anna: In 2012, I graduated from a university for audio engineering and started to work as a sound engineer on tv channels. It was a great experience, but that work wasn't creative enough for me. I was spending every night making music using sounds I’ve recorded and synthesized by myself. People started to recognize my music little by little. Once I made a big post on a social network, where I asked if anybody needs a sound designer and this post got a huge amount of feedback. Afterwards, I got my first job working on a video game.


D160: How did you discover juke/footwork?

Anna: At a time when I had something of a creative crisis, I didn’t know what kind of music to make and was looking for some fresh genre to create my own special sound. One friend showed me some tracks by DJ Rashad in a car when we were driving home from a party. And in that moment I realized that juke rhythms can be my point to start something new.


D160: What are your favorite footwork tracks?

Anna: I have a lot of favorite juke/footwork tracks so this conversation could never end, but here are the first to come to my mind right now:

Dj Rashad - CCP

Dj Spinn & Taso - Burn That Kush

Tripletrain ft. Chiara Noriko - Lights Of The City

Slick Shoota - Love & Rockets


D160: What are your future goals in music and audio production?

Anna: My goals are to keep producing as much as possible, to experiment with sounds and mix different music genres, and to go further in improving the sound quality.


D160: When will we hear more footwork from you?

Anna: I'm constantly working on new projects, not only in 160 bpm. No exact release dates at the moment but you will absolutely hear a lot of footwork tracks by A.Fruit in the future. So please keep your eyes and ears open.