There is a mystery to DJ REEBOK that may never be revealed but with his newly released EP RITUALS,  you will get a dose of what this music power house is all about.

Playing since he was 16 years old - from the guitar to a metal band to the production studio - there has been an ever-growing footprint for DJ REEBOK in the music industry, beginning with his I Yeah Yo EP drop via Dred Collective.  Followed by releases through GoldenHall Records, Iberian Juke and now joining the team at TENTH DEGREE.

The latest GoldenHall Records release features Oh Bae, a top pick on the mixed-genre compilation #Internetisfamily (free DL Link Below.) Gaining attention world-wide through various magazines and wesbites. The soulful melodies, pumpy kicks and ambient intros will bring your hearts to your sleeves as every track breathes the passion he holds for music. Moving in and out of infectious loops and catchy vocals, his game is getting stronger with every track, including the latest gem, Old Habits.

Love for the juke/footwork community, for the sounds of DJ Rashad, DJ Paypal, the Teklife crew, Fuego, Addison Groove, Skepta and far too many more to name are all reflected in DJ REEBOK's sound and style. 

He inspires and encourages creativity with other artists, through collaborations, remixes and "other side projects" He says. Below are some links to reach out to DJ REEBOK for bookings, press or music related info. 

DJ REEBOK would like to thank everyone for their support on his journey so far and is excited to bring more heat for your ears in 2016!

Make sure to link up for DJ REEBOK's 'RITUALS' EP (TENTH DEGREE).

Written/Edited by: Jam Fransisco