FEATURE: Big sounds from Big Hank

Chicago based, Big Hank, released his new, Asthmatic EP, and steps immediately into high gear with the fresh vibes of "Smoke n Maintain" and winds us through a blunted, jazzed infused work of art. "Brandy" goes on to bring us a soulful, disco pace while "Real Low" drops us into the half time , OG sway of the underground. Big Hank has quickly become one of my favorites. He's captured a unique take on the classic sounds of footwork and juke. While the genre may have some go to sounds and rhythms, Big Hanks choice of samples and instruments are what set him apart. "Whole Notha Level" is a great example of Hank's versatility in his production. It uses hip hop vocals with an ethereal synth line that gives an almost bristol-like edge to it.

Gracefully mixing 4 to the 4 floor danceability, trappy head nods and the high energy of footwork, Asthmatic, is a full flavored, well rounded EP. The modern music world has shied away from longer releases but I think it is a testament to the producer to be able to make a body of work that makes total sense. BH has certainly managed to do just that and with relative ease. I highly suggest checking out the rest of Big Hank's catalogue. His range is broad and well crafted across the board.

Written/Edited by Albino Gorilla