FEATURE: Footmerc - Oh Captain, My Captain


There are few, if any artists in footwork who haven’t been influenced by the music, spirit and great personality that is Footmerc. Last week was made difficult when we heard he had announced his retirement from music production, due to a rare medical condition.

Based in Texas, his home studio became a fountain of inspiration. Influenced particularly by Rashad and Traxman, we were taken on a journey of the soul at 160bpm while also displaying Footmerc’s edge and skill throughout his tracks.

An endless stream of juke and footwork span his catalog, and it wasn’t long before Footmerc joined the internationally renowned, Tekkdjz.  He flooded those in attendance at SXSW with pure and personal expression while creating an unforgettable set for those who were lucky enough to make it down to Austin in 2015.

With a vast collection of tracks to choose from, here is a highlight reel of what Footmerc has released over the time he has dedicated to his craft. His material is almost endless and will now stay in hearts forever. A true artist in a culture that has supported him from the beginning.

We salute you, Footmerc, and thank you for everything.


Written by: Sideswipe / Edited by: Jam Fransisco