INTERVIEW: A Brief Sitdown with DJ FLP

The Ann Arbor DJ and producer both skilled and modest, is making waves in the footwork community with his unique musical formations and fast drum style. Recently moving into more solo projects, DJ FLP released his footwork infused HIGH TEMPO EP via Weirdkids and I got to spend a few moments getting some insight into his creative motivation, views on the footwork community and a bit of his music history.

Tell us a little about your recent HIGH TEMPO EP.

I wanted to make something on my own as most of my releases were collaborative projects with other footwork artists. Sometimes when you put out releases with others, your tracks can get "lost in the shuffle." So I wanted to have a solo EP to reflect my own style and personality.

Who do you usually collaborate or associate with in the footwork community?

In the past I have worked with Oh85, Footmerc, Bahnhoff::zoo and many more. I usually try and have some tracks prepared for compilations and collaborations so I can stay one step ahead of the curb.

There are too many influences to name and when I am trying to create new sounds, I look for what hasn't been done yet and apply it to each new track.

How did you initially get into music?

I kept banging on the pots and pans so my mum bought me a drum-kit at about 5 years old. I played battle of the bands with my death metal band "Genova" by the time I was 12 and my favorite thing about high school was being in the Jazz band. I knew I loved Jazz but at the time I felt underexposed to those sounds. Now, next to footwork, jazz would be my next favorite thing.

I found electronic music when my brother introduced me to Aphex Twin and from there I wanted to know more. I started out playing dubstep, jungle and drum&bass but then discovered footwork and like the flip of a switch, I found my sound.

Where do you place yourself within the footwork community?

I met most of the people I know online but have gotten to know a few faces from travelling around. I feel like I owe everything to the footwork community, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't really have an audience. Once I found footwork, I knew that's what I really wanted to work towards. I told myself that this was the kind of realm that I want to exist in and so I just emmersed myself in it.

Any forthcoming projects, releases or shows coming up?

I want to do a flip project of some jazz and footwork together. I also have plans for a new EP and obviously I always be collaborating and putting out my regular mixes all the fucking time!

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Interviewed/Written/Edited by Jam Fransisco