SPOTLIGHT: Sounds of the Southeast

When you think of Juke/Footwork, the first place that comes to mind is usually Chicago. With the genre taking many directions, we must ask ourselves, where is it going next? Not only through style and sound but where are the fans and how can we open more minds to the culture we have come to know and love?

Both local and worldwide, Footwork is increasingly recognised through the Ghettotech movement and its counterparts. Furthermore, the producers and dj’s around the world are gaining insight to where the music is progressing and developing. One area that is yet to catch up is the Southeast end of the States.

Let’s begin with Alabama. Yes, that's right...

Footwork culture in Alabama has been embraced by a handful of producers and dj’s including That Andy Guy who brings jazz and soul infused sounds with a chiptune vibe that can be heard in his latest tracks Possible Footwork Ahead and What Are You Doing. Alabama seems to have a keen taste for future funk, vapor, and soul when it comes to 160 music. Local producers have embraced the style and sounds of footwork, while applying their own flavor to it.

If you haven't heard of Guy Akimoto, you are truly missing out. He has been a future bass titan for quite some time and if you love glitchy sounds, vapor influences, and an array of different vocoder vocals, prepare to be ear tickled with tracks such as Wonder Fall, Friendly Diagnostics and the list goes on.

Inherent soul and ghettotech style are what you will find most appealing about JTRA's tracks.

He is Alabama’s own 160 music disciple, with tracks ranging from cutesy, chippy, vapor sounds to a traditional footwork influence but with a more mellow, soulful energy. Such tracks can be heard on his soundcloud, alongside a slew of solo projects and remixes such as Chump Change's Single Issue, Force MD's Tender Love and Bitwalking through the Galaxy.

While Georgia holds a similar taste in sound with Alabama, this state is definitely bringing the trill as well. The first mention is Taste Tester, a ninja in the realm of vapor and slime. Mainly working with Jersey club and low tempo, his sense of 160 is definitely palatable. What I Do, Tonight, and Crying4Ever are just two of a whole list of tracks to check out. The next, and major mention, is Embassy Records. For a somewhat “slow and low” label, they do provide an abundance of variety within their catalogue. For some juke bangers, make sure to check out Broodlings' Hood Rat Stuff and Wheez-ie's latest EP, Keep Yer Chin Up.

Expect it or not, Florida is where you will find more 160 related music than any other place in the Southeast. We are opening the door on this state with Renegades/Dynamix.  Sticking to a strong collection of jungle and footwork, they have somewhat created their own chapter in the history books of the footwork culture. Heavy on releases and great sound quality, they know what they are doing and represent themselves and their origin unlike any other.

Another Florida mention is Somejerk. This cat is a don on the 160 tip. He bolsters a wide variety of tunes, including two classic dubstep tunes: Mala - Level Nine and Skream - Midnight Request Line. Next up - Lowrise Sounds (based in Orlando) hosting their own web show presented by Chrono/Henstone and frequent local guest, Matt W. They keep it fresh by sharing the footwork sounds of the world with their audience in Florida. Also hailing from the heat, Florida brings you Vlad the Inhaler. Talk about soul - absorb the long strokes from his collaboration with Sir Charles’ bootleg of James Brown’s Payback and let the music take you away.

Up next, we’re on to Tennessee to find Sushi Samson. His sound is one embroiled in dark synths, heavy percussion, and classic hip hop feels. He also includes traditional juke/footwork sounds and brandishing dark future bass. Check out his Dark North EP, released on Good Street Records.

Last but not least, Louisiana’s eccentric and well known Chump Change delivers a tastefully minimal yet futuristic style, blended with some of that jungle goodness. Be sure to check out his fresh single Mission plus other releases on his soundcloud page.

There are so many corners of the world we have yet to break into all 160bpm driven music deserves to be heard everywhere. Let’s spread the word and support!


** This list is by no means complete and if you feel like there is anyone we have left out, feel free to contact us and we will add and/or create more content accordingly, thanks."


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Written by JZTN/Edited by: Jam Fransisco