REVIEW: Le French Work - LFW v1

Glitch, juke, grime, footwork and so much more will be dished out to you on MAY 9th, 2016. The EU collective Le French Work has put together a multitude of talent and energy in one massive compilation - LFW Vol.1 which will include some of footworks most recently recognised names such as 1H9!N, iyer, Leatherface, Flex blur and Gordini.

Incorporating a variety of elements in each track, all artists bring something different to the table but these tracks are some of the most complicated yet atmospheric formations being heard, following the subtle EU styles that we hear in footwork. LFW Vol.1  is sure to set the bar high for quality and substance in the compilation realm.

Standing out in gracious melodies and neat drum lines is Dense by Bancal, Ghetto Style - Moresounds and Organietch by Shnoir. Heavier on bass and glitch, vape and drops are some lesser known names but who have delivered a broad range of flavors in tracks like Ego Trip by Mysterious Kid and Bigseuf's own Hexa. With slight aggression yet etherial synths, hip hop vocals and low lying bass, Caterva brings you his track Stamina alongside the killer battle style track Dance on Day by DJ Hilti.

All in all, Le French work have brought you some of the best from the best and a track for everybody is always a bonus when downloading compilations, so be sure to listen all the way through as this mixture of sounds takes you on a multi level journey from groove, soul, flow and vibe to loud, hype, heavy and legit.

A Huge thankyou to the crew at Le French Work.

Head to the DISTRICT160 soundcloud page for an exclusive preview of the forthcoming compilation LFW Vol.1

Written/Edited by JamFransisco