REVIEW: What more could you ask for than Kush, Rhodes and 808s...?

Spanish producer Stayhigh brings us his debut album featuring many aspects of footwork that we love. Respecting the old school on some tracks and keeping it fresh on others, all the while utilizing the beloved Rhodes piano and the classic TR808 percussion pallette. Kush, Rhodes & 808 might sound like a nod to Richie Hawtin’s techno compilation Decks, EFX & 909 but it is definitely rooted firmly in the ethos of Chicago footwork.

The opening track O.F.R. features lush Rhodes piano chords and a four to the floor 808 percussion beat. It’s definitely no coincidence that it is entitled One for Rashad, it could have been a collaboration with the man himself - a respectful and deserving tribute to start off the Stayhigh solo library. Look Around pushes a more silky vibe but with slightly textured Rhodes chords, but switches out some of the 808 for jungle breaks and using more footwork rhythm mastery, some choppy synths pumping it up to a party track.

The third track of KR8 is much more rhythmically spacious in sound and has more of a modern footwork sound to it that featuring a hard hitting trap snare. The nice thing about each track on KR8 is that while using the same instruments, the processing is different every time.
Anything is Possible closes with an encouraging sampled monologue by Neo from The Matrix. The track is arguably the strongest on the album, swaying toward a battle track style with a low humming bass, snare hits, and a dissonant binary synth bleep that really adds to the groove.

Stayhigh has carved out a space for his production in the world of footwork in a short time. If this album is anything to go by, we are all in for a ride on what we hear next. Stay tuned.


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Written by: Cameron S./Edited by: JamFransisco