FEATURE: Ahead Of The Rush

Jana Rush aka Ja Ru, a footwork producer and hailing from Chicago possesses a personality and sound all of her own. Sometimes brash and very sure of herself she describes herself as funny and a perfectionist, especially when it comes to her music. If she doesn’t love it, you won’t hear it and after sharing stories of her time with juke/footwork pioneer DJ Rashad, her music is now her main focus, thanks to His encouragement and guidance she has built her confidence in her music and the community, sharing more of her work as he told her to and by taking what he said seriously, her sounds are now being heard all over the world.

Some of her main influences include DJ Armando, Robert Armani, DJ Milton and DJ Deeon better known for their push and pull movement in the house scene around Chicago. Her history in house music dates back to WKKC, recruited as a DJ for over 8 years. Humbled by her experiences with some of the bigger names in music, she took what she learned from them and has since developed her own unique style with footwork and ghetto house playing a big part in her sounds, from song structure to sequencing and sampling.

Her latest release via Objects Limited, Mpc 7635 reflects her love for the MPC itself and having used other platforms such as Ableton before she prefers the MPC drum machine as it brings the flavour she is looking to express through her music. Beginning with the MPC 2000xl then moving onto the 5000 which were both used throughout the EP.

The track Space sounds like a call to arms for a footwork battle, screaming “meet me in the circle” to any legit footwork dancer out there. The bass is heavy, somewhat aggressive, but blends well with the other tracks on the EP. Bac up, a remix inspired by the legendary DJ Clent from the Beatdown House crew, delivers a striking bassline with another battle-like feel to it. Describing this track as a musical personification of her emotion, this track moves, shakes, bounces and makes you want to keep moving. Definitely a stand out track on the EP.

The crown jewel would have to be TW with a booty bouncin’, body movin’ ghetto house feel, this track is surely a favourite to most who have heard the EP. Influenced by Deeon and Waxmaster Jammin Gerald, DJ Milton, this high energy, technical track will set your ears on fire. Gaining insight into the direction and vision of this project from Jana herself, all of the tracks are made with footwork on the mind. Others are more for the house heads.

Sitting on some new releases, Jana Rush will unleash an assortment of sounds once she has reached her perfectionist standard. It’s always worth the wait so keep your ears and eyes open for upcoming material. Never rushed or pressured she is on the grind, ready to make her mark once again in the footwork community as part of the infamous TekkDJz crew, playing by her own rules and releasing the sounds we are so eager to hear when she is good and ready, but don’t sleep, it’s coming soon.





Written by: Victor iamvictorious Johnson/Edited by: JamFransisco