It’s finally SWIMWEAR season and He is on the up and up getting ready for his US tour. Playing alongside some of the best names in Juke/Footwork, beginning with The Lit Gala in New York with the likes of Juke Bounce Werk, Bassbear and DEV79. Known for whipping up catchy remixes and toying with some future bass jams, there is a shift in the sounds now that the sun is out. Having previously released music through labels such as Knightwerk Records, Slit Jockey Records, Seclusiasis, Afterlifeplus, Juke Bounce Werk and Ital Dred there will always be a SWIMWEAR track for any taste. If you’re craving that waviness, some deep moods, and tropical vibes this summer, these are just a few of the sounds you will find amongst this Tennessee local’s arsenal of 160 beats. Reflecting versatility through his collaborations with fellow producers in the juke/footwork community, the audience is growing fast. Check out the official tour dates below, but now, click his soundcloud link and hit play for his freshest sounds.


July 3rd- Trans Pecos-Brooklyn-NYC

July 4th - Philladelphia, PA

July 7th-Baltimore,MD

July 19th-Los Angeles, Ca

July 22nd- Los Angeles, CA

July 26th- San Francisco, CA

July 29th- Seattle, WA

July-30th-Portland, OR



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Written by: JZTN/Edited by: JamFransisco