SPOTLIGHT: The European Union Problem

Footwork may have its roots in the United States but in the modern world of Soundcloud and social media it has spread quickly throughout Europe, one of the largest areas of expansion in the Northern Hemisphere. Highlighted by many leading crews such as Polish Juke, Good Street Records and Iberian Juke.

With the eyes of the world on the political crisis in Europe, regarding the potential exit of the UK from the European Union, many have looked at the long-term effects this may have on the music industry as a whole. However, the effects on a smaller communities within the industry, like Footwork and Juke, may be much more widespread.

For continental artists, freedom to move across Europe won’t change. In fact there may be an increase in bookings as UK based artists will now need to apply for Visas. Whether this is paid for by an agency, a promoter or even the artist these added fees will add to the cost of booking a UK based DJ. This potentially means less appearances at festivals or locally promoted events from established artists such as Om Unit or Addison Groove. Without these headliners, which help anchor and establish newer Footwork events, we may see a decline in the spread of the genre itself. This may also lead to well loved European artists like Jackie Dagger, BSN Posse or Lux Familiar not being able to contribute as much to the live performance aspect which can hurt the community as a whole.

Under the current structure of freedom of movement there are many DJs and producers that have relocated all across Europe. As a consequence of any reshuffling of the EU system we may also see artists potentially expelled from their current homes. This was really highlighted by Teklife’s own Ashes57 who has voiced her concerns about being forced from London, where she has been a resident for almost 10 years.

The toll this could take on the North American scene is as yet unknown but it would be naive to think there will be no knock on effects. Only one thing is really certain, if we don’t all stand together and support each other worldwide, we will stumble and fall.


So what is our next move?




Written by: Sideswipe/Edited by: JamFransisco