SPOTLIGHT: Flight Lines EP

Juke/Footwork and Jungle alike, the 160bpm cuts across all spectrums of music these days. While all the elements of classic jungle are apparent in each of Skykore’s tracks, it all rolls at 160bpm and a delight to add to any footwork and jungle DJ's arsenal. Releasing Flight Line EP through the junglists themselves, Dark til Dawn Records, and with a deeper than deep soulful vibe.

Classic vibes and sounds welcome you back to a 90's soundscape feel in Dawn Of The Tiger. Vocal samples tell you a short story of what is to come. Almost icey feels roll, wave after wave in the pops of those classic jungle breaks we all know and love. This tune seems to be a marker that reminds you why you love jungle in the first place. Deep and soulful, simple and light but does not lack any energy.  Ghost takes you through gripping sounds, panning audible landscapes, enveloping the ears as vocal cuts chatter. Like a beautiful sunrise, luscious breaks rise over a hill into view. This tune is warm and inviting. Heartfelt and loving in its nature. Complex rhythms riddle the measures. As this could be said for the EP as a whole, there is something more to be heard in this track.  Reflections of footwork are heard in Skywars. The rhythms sway toward the beat but linger in the liquid jungle zone, blanketed by synth progressions and melodies dancing over top. Soothing the ears.

Flight Lines, the main track, definitely holds the strongest force on the release. Soft, loving vocal cuts, plucky sounds, and futuristic synths paint a picture of a foggy, morning skyline. Chopped up breaks kick up dust through sun rays, creating an IDM influence. Like a lighthouse view panning you straight into the sunset, moving you into the last track Flight Lines (909 mix) with a drum and bass feel. Soothing sounds lay you down on a bed of breaks and bass. Hitting a more percussive rhythms, with touches of hardy bass growls.




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Written by: JZTN / Edited by: JamFransisco