SPOTLIGHT: Who's come to battle?

We got a chance to sit down with Ohio based DJ Compton last month, which you can check out here. Not one to rest on his laurels, he returns with the 8-track onslaught that is Battle Tracks.

The title doesn’t lie, this is made for the dance floor and the werks. From front to back the influence of the Chicago and LA scenes - as an LA native it’s not that surprising -  is obvious. He literally tolls the bells in a call to arms in Fresh Paint (which we premiered here) and then calls out all dancefloor challengers to ‘get on the floor’ in cHiP. Once out there you are hit with sharp beats and deep kicks to make you move your feet.

What follows from there is an onslaught of vocal chops and snares all underpinned with a soulful element to hold them down. King Shit and Pussy Nigga would sound at home in any set from DJ Clent or Traxman. Then comes the grease with T Swift (yes, really), She Gon’ (Let Me Beat) and Slew with the more recognizable hooks but the same quality and rhythms to destroy any dancefloor.

The whole affair is rounded out by the outstanding Vocal Tune, a shout out to the classic jungle track. The original vibe of the track is so seamlessly integrated that you’d be forgiven for thinking that the sample didn’t come from a footwork track.

Battle Tracks is out on August 2nd, don’t sleep.



Written by: Sideswipe / Edited by: JamFransisco