When Machines Break Soles...

The latest Release from recently featured record label Broken Soles Recordings is one to be heard and absorbed. A new sound hits our ears with robotic synths and computerized melodies all worked into some fresh footwork beats. Check out the review on each track and the links below for more on DyLABs sounds and his latest EP Machine Juke.


Devilfish- The opening track for this EP lives up to the release name. Only the ears of robots would be able to devise the delectable intricacies made audible through these kinds of synth sounds and classic footwork rhythms.

Gaia- Dark tunnels and vapor plumes are what come to mind with this one. Late nights and subway tunnels almost seem to manifest within the listener's mind.

PC2- One would sense the heartbeat of the machine itself here. Driving and resilient. Tasteful but relentless. Rolling energy in the percussion keeps the listener moving. In other words, don't expect to be able to stay in your seat.

SH101- Minimal, but not lacking, this track is right to the point. Banging percussion with a simple, catchy synth and a high energy arrangement. You can almost sense an assembly line, continuous and rhythmic, hard at work and ready to be sent to the listener's front door.

TT303- Imagine a giant, acid abomination stomping through the streets. The arrangement signifies how much closer the giant approaches your location. Terror and awe shake your foundation as you cower in disbelief at the sheer sight of the footwork colossus. As he passes you by, everything around you is shaken to dust by it’s massive force.


An original style, heavily influenced by the juke/footwork movement, the Machine Juke EP showcases DyLABs latest works. Head to the Broken Soles Recordings SoundCloud link below for the EP Preview and full release. Be sure to show your support by hittin’ like and sharing the word.



Written by: JTRA / Edited by: JamFransisco