REVIEW: Lab Experiment Vol. 3


Lab Experiment Vol. 3 is just that, a mixture of experimental and solo tracks from the lab of footwork producer K.Locke. The album includes some one-off collaborations from The Prophecy - a multi-collab project consisting of K.Locke, DJ Acey, and Crossfire.

This “pay what you want,” 20-track album is chock full of new and interesting styles of footwork that you usually don’t find back to back but that’s what makes it worthwhile. You’ll be itching to see what comes next after each track fades out.

The compilation starts off with a sample known to any true hip hop head; Huit Octobre 1971 by Cortex (sampled on One Beer by MF Doom). Chopped up and pushed up to 160, the familiar Doom sample gets the traditional footwork treatment. Ground Level takes a more minimal approach, pumping deep bass around an eerie piano sample, skipping up and down octaves in a smooth rhythmic fashion. Keeping with the eclectic nature of the compilation we move from old school to new school with Mind Control, which samples Young Thug’s hit Best Friend on top of some chiptune sounding synths.

There are multiple K.Locke tracks that feature samples of Memphis rap working well with the footwork sound, it features the likes of Project Pat and Three Six Mafia. It’s often dissonant and spooky sounding which is an easy fit, especially for battle tracks such as Slangin’. Space Zone L24 is reminiscent of Machinedrum. Packed with Lush vocal samples, intricate percussion, and plenty of of high energy synth and rhodes rhythms, definitely a stand out track on the album.

Overall, this album holds a lot of exploration of different styles within the genre. Get over to Bandcamp and get your copy now!


Written by: Cameron S. / Edited by: JamFransisco