Yb & Innocuous Team Up For 4215

Excited by this new release, one of our  D160  reviewers and all around music lover  iamvictorious  is pleased to share his thoughts on the latest ten track album by  DJ YB .

Excited by this new release, one of our D160 reviewers and all around music lover iamvictorious is pleased to share his thoughts on the latest ten track album by DJ YB.

Immediately impressed, the first track Who need It was radiating new and fresh flavors to kick off the release in a dramatic way. With big synth sounds, and a teasing drum line, it settles into a head bopping beat mixed with more wavy synth patterns and a bass line to boot.

Just You and 4215 both brought ambient vibes in the beginning but with a different, perhaps slightly darker feel than the initial track. An underlying distortion carried throughout both tracks made for a trippy feeling that works its way through the footwork beats. The drum lines, light yet full of impact, accompany the chanting and synths quite well. With 4215 being the title track and probably the most energetic on the whole album, this one could be pinned as a D160 favorite.

It was however, Lazy Gutta Trax that sold us on this album. There aren’t many layers in this track but it is heavy from start to finish. You could say it puts the pedal to the metal and breaks the footwork pipeline. The drums are menacing and the bass line is ferocious. The battlers wouldn’t argue, so say it with us now…..Reeeeplayyyy!

Next up, Idk starts off with some really smooth icy keyboard chords. It's followed by some well placed drums patterns that don't overpower the track. The bass line is a true head nodder. This definitely gave the album more depth and leads well into the next track, Inside My Head. Yet another favorite, we hear light snares and upbeat percussive additions layered with sporadic claps and kicks. It then transitions into a surprisingly glitch-like sound with luminous chords to finish out the track.

Sliding some trap-like flow into the mix, Who Need it 2 quickly reminds you that this is in fact a footwork album. The vocal chants are basic but they give this track spirit. Toro y Moi, featuring Dj Rolow, incorporates more high energy and upbeat tones, never losing momentum. The samples aren't overdone, they are engaging and suitable giving this album some great balance.

DJ YB shows style and grace in all his projects. This album is no exception. Teaming up with Innocuous Records has proven to be a good move, so be sure to head over to their bandcamp page and pick up your copy of 4215!

Written by: iamvictorious/Edited by: JamFransisco