Date Nite Is Here

When I first heard the rumblings about a EP named Date Nite, I wasn't sure what to expect. But, coming from the team of Juke Nukem, Andrew Diff, and AMWF. Yeah... SoleJam.

Jukn The Finess kicks off the EP with high energy. A seriously dope R&B feel to it that will surely get the ladies jukin'. It's catchy, fun, and a great way to start to the release. We Get Crazy is definitely the D160 certifiable banger of the EP. It keeps the pace up, never taking its foot off the gas. The group was intent on keeping the party moving with this one and is guaranteed to lift the  lowest of spirits. Drums are quick with samples steady and full. U Got continues the trend, moving your feet to the bass line and claps. Bring in some heavy drums and a sharp close, this track holds nothing back.

Something Special brings the soul with a popular sample from the hit, Very Special. This is one of those joints that you can footwork or vibe to... The sample is laced with a proper balance of drums while the bass lines fill in the rest perfectly. The breakdown sets the stage to close out the track and "the evening." 

SoleJam's Date Nite is in tune the way through, never losing it's, and staying true to concept and purpose. Cheers to this Date Nite and many more to come...