DJ Acey - S.O.C. EP is a must have...

This 7 track album peppered with ghetto style, delivers an array of gangster beats and footwork for the circle. Read up and see what our music aficionado JTRA has to say about this killer release.

Yeah! (Hit'em With It): At first, this track just saunters in the room, all chill and nonchalant, like it ain’t up to nothin,’ but right when you think it’s gonna settle down, that mumble hype start makin’ the whole room bounce! It rolls, it jumps, and it bangs!

Boom: Shuffling, weird and even though ominous, this one is for the dance floor. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, the beat in this track will have you wondering why you ain’t out there in that circle.

Night Show: Need something fresh to knock your boots to? Then this is the perfect 160 track to get you runnin’ to the club. Trill vibes blended nicely into the airy vocal samples that create good energy through the whole track. When the kick hits, you got yourself a solid footwork jawn fused with an intermittent snare to bring strength to the beat.

Stoned Like Them White Boyz: You'd think from the track name that it would be the smoke track of the release. You thought wrong. This track comes in ill as fuck! It's mean, raw and plays no games. You’re more liable to get into a fist fight than you are to get the munchies.

Sippin Syrup: This might be more for the young ones who need a little mumble with their works.  It’s gonna make you want to go mean muggin’ in your car just rollin’ down the street. Speaking of rollin’, those kicks, snares and hi-hats be rollin’ through the whole track. A series of broken drum patterns and some vox samples bring the whole track together. Keepin’ it simple, it’s a favourite for the footworkers.

6, 3, 5 or Better: Your neck breaker is right here! It's innovative, unique, raw, minimal, retro, vocally charged, and mind warping.

U.F.O.: Exactly as the name says. A hovering, unidentified footwork object, levitating droid sample. Backed up with a steady snare and hi-hat rhythms floating in between. This is the kind of track you eat a bean and lose your mind to, until it cuts off suddenly and leaves the want for more.

Written by JTRA/Edited by jamfransisco