In The Main Room

When it comes to the Toronto music scene, the collective known as Bedroomer are right in the middle of the action. Bringing together established and new producers on their new compilation - Main Room. We get a look at the diverse and rich skills on display in Canada right now.

Bedroomer started as a blog and a boutique online label but developed into a likeminded group of producers and DJs who threw parties. As those parties grew, and as the crew began to network within their own scene, the next step was to focus on and promote artists who call Canada home. Main Room is actually the third in a series of compilations from Bedroomer but stands apart as it’s based around the concept of club tools for the DJs.

Although there were not really any guidelines for style or tempo, a large portion of these tracks clock in at 160bpm. There are many familiar faces including Hesk, Philthkids, Iyer, Eytan Tobin and Andrew Juke but the slew of talent - some perhaps unknown outside of Canada - stacks up deep.

The opener from Internet Daughter x Eytan Tobin sets the tone with an energetic synth barrage molded around some choice grime vocals that makes you want more. As we journey through the album we reach another banger from SL.Y x Hesk that is designed for moving your feet with crisp drums and smooth keys.

That is followed by perhaps the standout track of the whole album from Iyer, which is a pumping vocal driven track with sharp snares built for the circle.A couple of smooth jams from Philthkids and beat sampras bring down the heart rate a little as we reach the heat at the end from F(x) and Fil Jackson x Hesk with both tracks ramping up the tempo, basslines and energetic vibes for the end of the night.

All in all, this is one of the strongest compilations to come out of Canada from back to front and these tracks will be in the crates of DJ’s not just in Toronto - but worldwide.

Written by: Sideswipe/Edited by: jamfransisco