RP Boo Takes On Halifax

Footwork - a rapidly growing dance, music, and street culture born from the revival of the Chicago house scene. Purposefully spreading the seed of his culture, RP BOO is deemed a legend and the pioneer of this sound. Along with his unforgettable performances, he also holds lectures around the world on his contributions and progress of the community.

Halifax played host to this pinnacle player in what we have all come to know and love as the footwork culture. The east coast dance scene has always been lit, but the folks at Obey Convention decided to step it up a notch and finally bring RP BOO to Nova Scotia’s capital.

Starting at the Halifax North Memorial Library, he sat with DJ Goldilocks for a detailed talk on how the culture is being accepted around the world and how his work has helped push it forward.

There were plenty of laughs and appreciation for the words that RP BOO had to share. They played a video of the classic track Bangin’ On King Drive, which seemed to get the people moving in their seats, bouncing along to the beat, and applauding him at the end. It wasn’t a detrimental part to the evening but being advocates for the movement of footwork, it was the experience that made the evening complete for us here at D160. After which, a chance to meet the man himself showed he was nothing but humble and mellow; paying special attention to the young minds in the room.

A young fan had expressed his love for RP BOO’s music and when asked to show off his footwork skills they both gave in too easily and busted out their best moves. Very entertaining.

Later that night, RP BOO was all set to play a show at the eclectic Menz & Mollyz bar. While DJ Goldilocks held it down, he finally stepped on the platform and spun his ones n twos, amping up the room with his stellar selection. Including tracks from his 2016 release The Ultimate, there were a number of tunes to sing along to including DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn’s infamous Dubby Ft. Danny Brown. Out of all the non-Boo tracks laid down that night, We Bout That Turn Up by DJ C-Bit and DJ Clent’s Back Up Off Me were definitely the crowd pleasers, those who knew the tracks leaped to the front to join RP in his glory. Subsequently, Speakers R-4 and Bangin’ on King Drive made it into the mix, again getting the room fired up and rightly so!

With the exception of an unworthy sound system, the night capped off with a bang. Judging by the audiences roaring applause and enthusiastic dance moves, we strongly believe the people were infected with footwork fever and for those already holding a true love for the artform, this performance gave us the motivation we needed to pursue the love of the music.

A huge thank you to RP BOO for his benevolent efforts in sharing the word of Chicago’s footwork and its promise to expand the minds of dancers and music lovers all over the world.  

So here’s to you, the legendary R P BUUUUUUU!

Written/Edited by: jamfransisco