This Is Bahnhof::Zoo

Bahnhof::Zoo has been keeping busy as of late and his self-titled EP brought to us by Le French Works is no different. Consistency is key in any art form and Bahnhof Zoo is doing more than his share. His prior releases include Cold Summer Tracks, The Fire Of Our Souls and the one song offering New Life. Bahnhoff::Zoo has a unique and universal sound.

I was first introduced to Bahnhof::Zoo when I picked up Cold Summer Tracks, it featured the breakout single Cool 2 Touch which featured 2-Pac's lines from How Do You Want It. The track, as is the rest of album, is infectious soulful and funky. The Fire Of Our Souls followed the same formula with a broader sound and more risk taking.

Which brings us to Bahnhof::Zoo. Released February 25 2017. This EP is bold soulful and boundless. 

Yesterdays starts off the project with some boastful movement of drums, strings, and samples, to tie this footwork journey together. The breaks are easy to vibe with. The song never loses its vision or its destination. It sets the tone perfectly. This definitely has some replay to it. It's hard to just listen to this song one time. 

Gather All the Stars is very heavy on the bass. It's clean and ready to dominate your speakers and dance floors. This track is unapologetically intense. But it still holds its weight to the sound and moves of footwork. By the middle of the track we're treated to an 80's electro sound with some smashing jungle which sends the song into another type of orbit.

Now, on to one of my favorite tracks of this season, Took a Chance. Bahnhof ::Zoo flexes his muscle and shows his obvious love for soul music. This is most definitely 'soul of my feet' worthy. The track is relaxing and easy to vibe to with smooth percussion and sexy strings. The sample moves the song along with ease and grace. You'll definitely want to hear this song again.

Work. Goodness gracious. What does this track not do? This song uses a sample of the classic footwork track, Let Me See Your Footwork. You'll find yourself bouncing to the energy, drums, and yes the bass line is infectious.

Tomorrows is a banger on all accounts. From the start of the claps down to the chants, this track lets loose. It bounces, twirls, and grooves throughout the duration. Welcome to the jungle. You have entered the middle of Tomorrows, which is it's on experience. Tomorrows brings the EP together and forms like Voltron in it's own way. Definitely a musical feast to behold.

Written by: iamvictorious/Edited by: jamfransisco