It's A Cold World...

Whythoven Vol 4 is a classic within the series that had all the bells and whistles needed to get our attention. The EPs feature jungle, a bit of soul, and a whole lot of footwork. Now, the Equalized General throws down yet another jam packed EP - Cold World.

It starts off fast and never takes its foot off the pedal. Yerd is speedy and tenacious with rapid fire energy, it is well paced and full of graceful movements. Work That Shit sets the bar a little higher in regards to EQ Why's purpose for this album, it’s got attitude. The drum patterns are vicious, not as intricate as some, but effective. The bass line comes in full force, with chants to add an extra kick, just in case some poor soul slides into a footwork battle unprepared. Get Yo Ass Burnt Boy continues the onslaught of heavy movement. Mind bending synths and a call-to-battle drum style, it shows a mean streak.

Heatwave finds EQ Why treading in familiar waters as this one is fit for both dancers and DJs. The sudden and thunderous bass drum kick midway through the song is not to be taken lightly. The soul infused melody finds its way into the middle of a burning building full of kicks, sharp hi-hats, and high impact bass lines that are sure to get some feet movin’ with a sound that says,

“come at me hard or don't come at all,”

just like Burn His Soul.

Get Gutta sticks to the formula found throughout Cold World; drums are fast, on point, and full of kick. The piano is laced with charm and plays out nicely amongst the ambient anger.

By the time we get to Micro Hoe, this EP has given you a bit of everything. Sounding like an ode to the legendary RP Boo, the soul sample is laden with well placed drums and chants of "Micro Hoe."

Killa finds us taking a journey on his flip of Makaveli's Hail Mary. It flows well with the sample and it moves away slightly from EQ's signature sound. Less intense, steady drum patterns alongside a subtle melody. Then you got Round the Way sending us searching for thots. Overall, for a closing track to an already seriously solid album it does blend well. Turning up the breaks, rapid drums and heavy bass. The samples are well thought out and positioned. Just like that, a well rounded track full of EQ flavor, we have our D160 favorite.

This album is guaranteed to burn those circles and blast the dance floors. Finding inspiration from all corners of his life, his erratic, moody and energetic style is what makes him unique. Meanwhile, he is probably out turning up that heat somewhere, the Cold World EP is taking us over with those bangin’ works. It’s time to stand up and march your cyber self to the official bandcamp page for your copy now.

Written by iamvictorious/Edited by: jamfransisco