Japanese Soul Will Never Be Lost With Londy...

Japanese Soul: The Lost Files continues Londy's exploration into Japanese culture and his experience with footwork. Releasing the last of four EPs smothered with samples from the 70s/80s Japanese soul music era. This one is bound to heal those Sunday blues.

Musical forces like Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Michael Jackson, and more, perpetually find their way into footwork tracks. Soul driven melodies are infectious, often creating the best vocal samples for those choppy battle tracks. Furthermore, you can go beyond imagining an album that features this much soul.

“[This] series was a 4-part ep dedicated to the Japanese footwork community and my love for Japanese soul” - Londy 

Prisoners kicks the EP off with that classic Londy sound. It rests on your ears with glowing samples, leaving you floating through this one. Then, The Final Round carries itself through some soulful horns, catchy drums, and bass lines that sit tight amongst the rolling rhythm. Hito stays true to it's intentions. It's deliberate efforts to make you dance will have you workin' it in no time. By the end of it you're tuning into your Japanese Soul.

Next, teaming up with El Blanco Nino for Plastic Love, Londy takes this track to a new level of funk, and it’s definitely sure to please. The disco element breathes more life into an already lovely tune. Dancing closes out the EP with perfection, subsequently placing you in a great mood on/off the dance floor with its sexy retro vibes.

Japanese Soul: The Lost Files is perfectly fulfilling and a well balanced entry into the series, lending anyone who listens a safe passage through this soulful journey.  

Written by: iamvictorious/Edited by: jamfransisco