Over on East 37th St...


Fresh off his highly acclaimed New Track City Volume 2. EQ Why is back with East 37th St. After a busy 2017, EQ approaches the new year.

EQ Is Gonna Give It is a blend of a classic pop and soul; graceful yet energetic. Switch ups are seamless and seem to ride out almost effortlessly. I was pleasantly surprised by this track. An instant favorite, My Baby I Love You So is jamming! The soul playing the backdrop gives this track the passion it needs to fill up any dance floor, forcing the people to move. The track is heavy on bass yet gives you the perfect balance with the rest of the track while you're vibing to it. EQ leaves his signature all over this tune.

My Jimmy Waxed is a classic EQ soundtrack. If you've seen New Jack City, you'll appreciate this just as much as I do. It's guaranteed to get played on repeat. It bounces and it drops. This is no soft track at all. Pop That Booty is a party for sure. The ladies are going to jam to this instantly. Simple without getting lost in itself. No hugging the wall when this comes on. The bass from the strings and drums will hold your body hostage. Work it is bound to be a crowd favorite. Especially to fans of Chicago Ghetto House; just plain fun.  EQ does this classic tune more than it's due. EQ gets together with Kash to body the monster of a tune, Rollin Rocks. The drums are vintage EQ Why. The sound effects gives this track command of the bass lines in a way that footworkers will find very pleasing, yet challenging. Rollin Rocks, is a battle cry for the circle.

EQ Why has supplied us with another classic body of work. East 37th St is everything I expected it to be.

It's a fun-moving and bass heavy morning shot of great footwork music. This album definitely gets D160 seal of approval.

Written & Edited by: VICONE