Get F.d Up With C-Bit...


The hood favorite, Dj C-Bit of Beatdown House, has been on a tear as of late. Releasing Ain't No Love earlier this year gave us a glimpse into the direction he was F.EmUp.

Watch Out comes on strong and doesn't let up until the very end. The beats pound the speakers as the the chants follow along. This joint is definitely meant for the footworkers. This track is ferocious leaving no stone unturned. Cold As Hell is one of those classic C-Bit joints. The piano chords are so menacing, like a war cry to the circle. It demands your best bangz get burnt. The sample gives Cold As Hell reaffirmation that this track was meant to bang and nothing else. Footworking On Water has an easy bounce. It sets a stage all of its own. The bass lines and claps are guaranteed to get the attention of anyone in proximity. The message is clear:

Let me see if you can footwork on water.... 

Jukin is a banger. The conversation on this track is absolute gold, guaranteeing to pack the dance floors with it's insane energy. The title track, F.EmUp, is another call to arms! Heavy and laced with that signature Beatdown House sound. Bounce It Girl is for the ladies in the building, easy to follow, easy to bounce to. A head nodder for sure. The chords half way through the track give adds a special something that gels extremely well for the vibe. 

Overall, F.EmUp looks to be a classic. The Aint No Love EP is boisterous and attentive, but F.Em Up... Is down right arrogant!