Check Your Mind...And Travel Abroad.


Travels Abroad EP

A blissful capture of emotion in sound. Travels Abroad is a mind-opening journey around the world at 160bpm through the work of JTRA.

"Hey folks! I've crawled out from the rock I've been hiding under to show you guys my first EP on D160! For this piece, I perused the traditional music of various cultures to sculpt sounds that are worldly, yet honed by footwork. I Don't Fly is the first location on the journey your ears are embarking on. With the soul of the bustling metropoles of USA, it's voice is that of your stereotypical American socialite. From there, off to the sweltering rainforests of South America with O Jogo de Footwork. By ship, we're sailing to Africa to be ambushed by Hashassin in the Sahara. After an exhausting trek trough the desert, we're arriving in bountiful India to pick through the markets with Streets of Calcutta. Heading to the airport, we're catching a flight to China, landing in Zen Garden. We left someone in India, so we're headed back south to meet them in the bath houses with Meditation in Bangladesh. Finally, we're catching a train to Shangrila." ~ JTRA

Track List
I Don't Fly
O Jogo de Footwork
Streets of Calcutta
Zen Garden
Meditation in Bangladesh

Produced by JTRA | District160

Official release on District160 




Released March 15, 2018 

Mixed & Mastered by HEADBUST MEGAFONE 

Cover Art by Andrew DIFF