#YDOIDOTHIS... Tha Abacus' New EP Explains Why...


Tekk Djz' own, Tha Abacus hits us with his new EP, #YDOIDOTHIS. His first offering, Man of Many Workz, immersed us in an abstract sound of dips, turns, and head shots of many flavors. He offers another evolution and an ever-changing sound, unique to him alone...

"Peace and Blessings to all who puts their ears to this music!
This sophomore project, #YDOIDOTHIS, is a collection of music created through that question we
sometimes ask ourselves. Well, I do this for the love of my craft, I do this to be heard, and I do this to
show I am bonded to this genre we love so much! Every track on this project was thought outside of the
box. I don’t believe in playing safe!
The first people I would like to give thanks to is my father, the late Rahn Banks, and my mother Theresa
Thornton for giving me the love of music, and loving people in general. Shout out to the following crews
I run with: D160, TekkDJz, Greatest Enterprise(GETODJz), and DJLife. My mentors: TRAXMAN, DJ X-Ray,
and last but not least, my brother and best friend DJ Bobby Skillz for putting two turntables and an old
Gemini mixer in front of me when were young kids growing up on the West Side of Chicago.
Remember, you’re listening to Tha Abacus! You can count on me to keep giving the culture great music!
If I forgot you, charge it to my mind and not my heart!
Positive, Education, Always, Creates, Elevation" - Tha Abacus

Produced by Tha Abacus of TekkDJz

Official release on District160

released April 2, 2018

Mixed & Mastered by HEADBUST MEGAFONE
Cover Art by Cuenique