D160 MIXclusive 016: Birch's Stoney 420 2018


Happy 420 Resident beat mixologist BIRCH presents us with some hot tracks to get high too this #HighdayFriday.

"I figured i'd get a stoney lil mix going for people to celebrate to."


1. Twice As High by Kneco
2. Pass Dat by Scatta
3. Get High by Iyer
4. Break It Down by DJ Taye + DJ Earl
6. Pass That by DJ Rashad, Tripletrain, + DJ Spinn
7. Gash '16 by DJ Manny
8. I Can't Feel My Legs by DJ Earl
9. So High by Jlin
10. Get Fukd Up by DJ Rashad + Gant Man
11. Reggie by DJ Rashad
12. 10 On That Kush by DJ Pillsbury
13. Lemme Try by Surly
14. Float by DJ Chap
15. Kush Ain't Loud by DJ Rashad
16. Light The Way by Africa Hitech
17. Smoke Sesh by Neuropunk
18. F.O. My Face by Cakedog
19. Welcome To The Chi by DJ Rashad
20. Rachette by DJ Earl, MoonDoctor, + Oneohtrix Point Never
21. Everyday Of My Life by DJ Rashad + DJ Phil
22. Butter (Sax O Matic Remix) by 6Blocc
23. I Got Loud '18 by El Blanco Nino, Los, DJ Jalen, + Bojaq
24. Funky Chariots by Traxman
25. Ride The Skies by FootMerc
26. Overdose On Marijuana by EQ Why
27. Blue Dream '16 by Scatta
28. I Wanna Be High by Traxman
29. Love Burns by Cakedog
30. Too High Grease by DJ Manny