Whatever Tha Abacus Feels Like


In this month’s MIXclusive Tha Abacus’ alter ego, DJ I-Master has brought to you his debut footwork mix…EVER!! Known as the W.I.F.L. (Whatever I Feel Like) Collection, he truly plays as such! Now keep in mind he’s an artist, and he sensitive about his shit!!! So without further ado and continuous word fluff, enjoy his mix dammit! More coming soon!

Oh! By the way….There’s also a couple of tracks from his latest EP #YDOIDOTHIS


1. Come at the King by Etta
2. It’s a Revolution(Louder) by Cuenique
3. Off Dat Leann by DJ Earl
4. Funky Chariots by Traxman
5. 61215 by Juke Nukem, DIFF and Sideswipe
6. Fluid by Tha Abacus
7. In My World by DJ Bobby Skillz
8. The Middle by DJ Chap
9. I Don’t Give a Fuck by DJ Rashad(RIP)
10. Rahn Banks by Tha Abacus
11. Tiyad by Neuropunk