Back On W/ G-Tone

District160 Presents: Back On W/ G-Tone

D160 is bringing in the New Year with a new dance video featuring dancer, G-Tone and producer/DJ, Hesk. In the video you will see nature scenes mixed with urban art and G-Tone's unique spin on Chicago Footwork.

G-Tone is an allstyle dancer from Peoria Illinois. G-Tone started footworking in 2009 and recently got a serious itch to learn in 2015. He has been dancing for 19 years and still considers himself a student of dance, learning and perfect his craft. After his move to Minneapolis Minnesota he notice there was Footwork Culture hidden in the cracks, away from the trendy scenes that come and go from The Land of 10,000 ...White Hipsters. Once he immersed himself in the culture, he teamed up with renowned Footworker, King DB, and join the group, Take Ova Bangs. With roots in Memphis Jookin and Boogaloo Poppin you can see how G-tone has developed a unique style with Chicago Footwork. In the video you will see G-Tone's smooth liquid motions with pops, locks and fast pace 160BPM Footwork. Trust us it's, hard to look away.

The piece wouldn't be complete without a banging 160BPM heater from our friend HESK. HESK is a Producer/DJ operating out of Toronto Canada. Hesk has produced critically acclaimed releases on Chrissy Murderbot’s Loose Squares label and Nervous Records’ Strapped sub-label, alongside collaborations with TEKLIFE's DJ Earl, Boylan, Sirr TMO, and Brick Bandit's Nadus. His track "Back On Road" is a perfect fit for G-Tone and D160. We really dig his samplings from popular rapper, Drake, and the driving lyrics that mix with the Footwork patterns of HESK's drum programing. HESK's track "Back On Road" is guaranteed to make yo feet hit the pavement and get "Back On" your grind.

Now that we are advancing and expanding into 2019 we at D160 wants y'all to get "Back On" your bullshit and enjoy all of DISTRICT160's #160BPM content!

Shot/Directed/Edited by: Thrash
Edited by: Andrew DIFF
Dancer: G-Tone |
Song: HESK - Back On Road |